The campus is starting to come alive, and we couldn't be more excited!

While we closely monitor the current spread of COVID-19 and its potential impact, we ask all of you to remain vigilant during this time. Get vaccinated, sign-up for testing, and follow all health precautions. This email is a reminder regarding our policies for the fall.

It’s time again to #BradleyUnite.

Mask Policy

All people, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks in indoor public spaces throughout campus. This applies to all university activities including, but not limited to, welcome back celebrations, Welcome Week activities, and classrooms. Masks should be worn appropriately, covering the mouth and nose.

Students don’t need to wear a mask in their personal rooms/apartments. Faculty and staff don’t need to wear a mask when alone in their private offices. Per the CDC, vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear a mask in outdoor settings. If you’re unvaccinated, we strongly encourage you to wear your mask in outdoor settings.

Vaccination Status Registration

Thank you in advance to those of you who are fully vaccinated and for submitting your status.

Students and employees who are vaccinated should submit their vaccination status by Tuesday, Aug. 24. You may take a picture of your vaccination card or submit a screenshot of the electronic record and email it to the address in the chart below, or you may physically show your vaccine information at the office listed below. If you’ve lost your vaccination card and were vaccinated in Illinois, the state has launched a Vax Verify portal for you to obtain your information. If you aren’t vaccinated yet, but you become vaccinated, you may submit your vaccination information at that point.

If you aren’t fully vaccinated or haven’t supplied the university with your status, you’ll be a part of the campus COVID-19 testing for the fall.



Health Services, located in the Markin Center

Human Resources, Sisson Hall #239

Open COVID-19 Testing Availability

Now through Sept. 3, all unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff are asked to sign-up for open COVID-19 testing. To sign-up for an appointment, please use this link.

If you’re fully vaccinated, you should only test if you’re identified as a close contact or are symptomatic.

If you’re a symptomatic (vaccinated or unvaccinated) student, please immediately make an appointment to be evaluated by Health Services by calling 309-677-2700. Employees should be evaluated by their personal physician.

Off-campus testing locations can be found here.

Vaccination Clinic

We’ll offer Moderna and/or Johnson and Johnson vaccinations on-campus Aug. 23 - Sept. 2. To sign up for a vaccination appointment, use this link. The vaccines are also readily available throughout the country and can be found here.

Symptom Tracking and COVID-19 Reporting

By coming to campus, you’re certifying you aren’t exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. It’s important to be vigilant about your health. If you’re confirmed positive for COVID-19, you’re still required to report your case. Students should report a positive COVID-19 diagnosis to Bradley Health Services by calling 309-677-2700. Employees should fill out the COVID-19 diagnosis form.

We continue to review campus and local COVID-19 data regularly, as well as guidance from governing agencies. While our goal is to provide consistency, all of our decisions are subject to change in this ever-evolving environment.

Questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 and Bradley University policies can be sent to