Bradley is Revising Return to Work Plans

Dear Colleagues:

As we learn more about COVID-19, we continue to evaluate our guidelines regarding resuming on-campus operations for the fall 2020 semester. While our initial priority was to bring all employees back to campus by Aug. 17, we have revised that plan.

The CDC and Restore Illinois plan recommend maximizing physical distance by encouraging remote work, whenever possible. This will help make our community safer by lowering the number of people on campus. This will also allow those who can work effectively in remote locations to do so.


The faculty are an integral part of our plan to resume on-campus instruction. Having the faculty on campus is necessary, but faculty members may submit a request to their respective dean if they would like to teach one (1) of their courses online. The dean will evaluate each request and work with the faculty member accordingly. We recommend making these requests as soon as possible to give the deans appropriate time to assess the request and work with the faculty member, as well as allow for any necessary arrangements.


We recommend all units/supervisors evaluate whether an employee can continue performing their job remotely; if so, that arrangement should continue. If a modified or alternate work schedule is better for the individual and the department, the supervisor and the employee should determine that agreement — with the ultimate decision resting with the supervisor. While these requests for flexible work arrangements are best addressed between supervisors and employees, the Human Resources Department is available to offer guidance.

Faculty and staff should continue directing ADA (medical) accommodation requests to HR; all other schedule modification requests should be handled between supervisors and employees. All ADA accommodation requests should be submitted as soon as possible.

All work arrangements will be revisited regularly and modified as circumstances change and our knowledge of the virus grows. Whenever possible, you will receive a minimum of two weeks’ notice regarding any changes to your work agreement.

As a reminder, everyone will be required to wear a face covering in classrooms, common areas, shared workspaces, labs, etc. We will not require you to wear a face covering when alone in your office or outside with appropriate physical distancing.

We appreciate your continued hard work, patience and flexibility during these challenging times, and we look forward to a successful and healthy school year!