We are Ready for the Spring Semester

Dear Bradley Community,

We embark on the spring 2021 semester with many lessons learned about operating and living in a pandemic. You have shown our Bradley community is strong and resilient. We're confident we will continue to persevere.

We have another tough semester ahead of us, and the challenges for spring will be similar to what we experienced this fall. Yet, there is hope on the horizon. Let’s all remain flexible and provide each other with grace as we continue to adjust and move forward.

During the winter break, we continued to follow the science to formulate our plans for spring. Our goals for spring remain the same as the fall, to provide a first-class education and remain on campus all semester for those who wish to be in-person learners. You’re the reason for our successes this fall, and we know each of you will do everything possible for a successful spring.

Here’s what to expect when the spring semester begins:

Remote Learning Requests

Students once again have the option to be remote learners or in-person learners this semester. The deadline to request remote learning for spring is THIS Friday, Jan. 15 at 5 p.m. If you don’t request remote-learning status, you’ll be considered an in-person learner and expected to attend classes on campus. Remote-learner requests must be made via Webster. Log on here or into your Webster account and click on the red Remote Learner Request form; follow the prompts and answer each question. If you’ve already made your Remote Learner Request preferences, you may update it before 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 15.


We strongly encourage students to receive a negative COVID-19 test before returning to campus as well as begin a self-quarantine for 14 days prior to their return.

During the first few weeks of spring, we’ll test students aggressively, specifically those who live in communities such as residence halls or Greek housing. After the first few weeks, we’ll also increase our surveillance testing goal for students and employees from 250 to 400 per week during the spring semester. More details on testing will be sent out as we get closer to students returning.

Initial All-Campus Quarantine

Students will return to campus from many different parts of the U.S. In order to minimize the virus’s spread in the campus community, we’ll begin the semester with a campus quarantine. Classes will meet face-to-face during this time. Students who are in-person learners should return to campus instead of doing the all-campus quarantine at their permanent residence. If you’re an in-person learner and you try to avoid the quarantine by not returning to campus during this time, you’re putting the entire campus community at further risk.

If, by the week of Feb. 8, the campus and community wide virus numbers are supportive, we WILL loosen these restrictions.

This initial quarantine period will include many of the restrictions in effect during the all-campus quarantine in September. Here’s an overview of those restrictions:


Students, faculty and staff must wear a mask at all times except when inside their private room, off-campus residence or office. All are expected to maintain six-feet of physical distance where possible, to complete the Daily Symptom Tracker and participate in surveillance testing requests.

Stay on Campus

It’s very important for students to come to campus and stay. Please don’t plan to go home or elsewhere during this period. The risk of new cases increases each time you leave campus and return. It also complicates our tracing and testing greatly. We’re asking you to come to campus and stay on campus.


During this initial period, all fraternity and sorority houses, apartments, off-campus houses must be limited to only the residents of those locations. No gatherings, parties, etc. will be tolerated. When outside, even at your own residence, if physical distancing can’t be maintained, you must wear a mask.

Residence Halls

Those students living in the residence halls may not have any guests in their private rooms or on their floor. Students may use floor and building common spaces as set for physical distancing and occupancy. They must only use these spaces with other students from their floor (where lounges are exclusive to the floor) or building (where lounges are for building use).

Those assisting students with move-in at our residence halls will be allowed inside buildings, on floors and in rooms. Residence halls open Sunday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m. (no move-in sign-up time is needed).

Campus Dining

All campus dining will be grab-and-go meals only during this time. Those in university- provided isolation or quarantine space will have their meals delivered to them.

Student Life

  • All face-to-face activities by student organizations should be done in a virtual environment only during this time period. This includes organization meetings and official (or unofficial) events.

  • The Markin Center and Cullom-Davis Library will be open for use. You may schedule your library reservation in advance by logging in here. There’ll also be some drop in spaces available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Open study spaces including the student center, BECC and other academic buildings won’t be available during this initial phase of the semester.

  • Health Services and Counseling Services will continue to schedule appointments.

  • During this time, students are able to:
    • Run essential errands (such as medical provider visits, pharmacy, grocery store)

    • Attend work (both on and off campus) after confirming with their employer

    • Engage in off-campus learning experiences such as clinicals, practicums, student teaching, etc.

    • Order food and groceries and have them delivered. Order and pick-up to-go items only from restaurants.

    • Spend time outside (we know it’s cold), following appropriate physical distancing and mask guidelines.

    • Students aren’t allowed to dine-in at off-campus eating or drinking establishments.

Remember: We are fully committed to loosening these restrictions the week of February 8, IF the campus and community wide virus numbers are supportive. Let’s all do our part.


We’re closely following the progress of the vaccines and will take direction and recommendations from local, state and federal government and higher education authorities. Some programs, internships, organizations or employers that students are involved with may have offered vaccinations to those who are eligible. We are also closely following the discussions around requiring the vaccine. At this time, we aren’t prepared to announce whether a COVID-19 vaccine will be among the vaccines we require on campus.

2nd Round of Stimulus Funding

We haven’t received official communication from the Department of Education on the specific funding guidelines and eligibility requirements regarding the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021. As soon as more guidance is released, the university will be responsive and provide direction on next steps.


This has been a long and difficult time in all of our lives. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or utilize any of the campus resources. We are here for you!

As a reminder, - residence halls open on Sunday, Jan. 24 at 1PM (no move-in sign-up time is needed) and classes begin Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 and Bradley University policies can be sent to covid19concerns@bradley.edu.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon and getting the semester underway!