Spring 2021 Announcement

Dear Bradley Community,

It’s hard to believe the spring semester will be upon us in no time. I want you to know we continue to focus on the science of COVID-19 as we prepare our spring plans, which is why it has taken us more time than we anticipated to announce them. 

For the spring 2021 semester, our plans will be quite similar to this fall as we will offer both face-to-face and hybrid-learning options. Both faculty and students will have the option to be in-person as well as remote. We recognize the importance of protecting those at high risk of falling ill to COVID-19 or living with someone at high risk. By offering these hyflex/hybrid learning modalities, you will have the opportunity to make your own choices as to whether you want to be in person or remote.  


Since students will have the option to be remote or in-person, you will once more need to plan for online/hybrid teaching and face-to-face teaching. We recognize the amount of work and investment it takes to deliver a hyflex style of learning. In an effort maximize the in-person experience for undergraduates, those of you teaching undergraduate classes who choose to teach three classes in-person, will be granted a return to the three-course load (assuming we are able to find enough part-time instructors to make up the difference), while those who chose to be remote will remain on a four-course teaching load. 

The deadline to apply for remote teaching for spring 2021 is 10 a.m., Monday, Oct. 5. You must submit a request to your respective chair and dean if you want to teach any of your courses online.  

We recognize this is a tight deadline, but again, it was imperative to see a decline in campus cases and learn as much about the science as possible before finalizing our spring plans. We delayed the January Interim and spring semester course registration and academic advising by one week to give us time to gain clarity on operations for the spring semester. Those dates are rapidly approaching; another reason why the application deadline is imperative.

You should still plan to hold virtual office hours and virtual academic advising to reduce face-to-face contact. 


If you’d like to apply to take your classes during spring 2021 solely in a virtual environment, you will be able to make your request when you register for classes. More details will be coming soon.  

We will announce other details for spring including the academic calendar changes and campus requirements and restrictions in the weeks to come. As we make those decisions, you should expect further communication.   

I am proud of all of the work you have put in this semester and your ability to adapt to the evolving situation. 


Stephen Standifird