Signs of Spring!

Dear Students,

We are half-way through the semester. The weather is starting to warm up, and we’re beginning to see signs of spring with blooms emerging and red chairs returning to the quad. The campus is once again a hub of activity. More than 800 online and in-person activities have been approved across campus. So get involved and participate. Visit the event calendar or the B Involved app to find out more.

It’s important to be connected and after a long winter, I’m sure you’re ready for it. We just ask you to do it properly. We know this year has been difficult, so please continue to check on your friends and classmates. Keep an eye on one another. If you know someone who’s struggling, lend a hand. If you need help, ask for it.

Use our campus resources, continue to support each other, check-out our new Tele-Talk consultations and access counseling services at 309-677-2700.

We also have a free online resource available for you through OSF Healthcare called SilverCloud. SilverCould is a secure, anonymous and interactive platform to help you manage feelings and causes of depression, anxiety, stress and fear.

The Peoria region and state are experiencing a rise in COVID-19 numbers. Bradley is not immune to this, but luckily, we are only seeing a slight increase in our campus cases at this time. That’s because you are doing things right. Keep it up!

If you’re eligible for a vaccination, we urge you to get it. On April 12, we expect vaccines throughout the state to be available to all residents over the age of 16. We’ll keep you up-to-date on vaccine information related to students. Individual doctor’s offices, including Bradley University Health Services, currently do not have access to the vaccine.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping yourself and your friends across campus healthy and well. We are in this together. #BradleyUnite

Continue to be well!


Nathan P. Thomas

Vice President

Division of Student Affairs