Mask Reminder

One more day until classes begin, let’s keep it up! #BradleyUnite

Mask Up for Bradley

We are united and committed to a healthy and safe semester for all. That means everyone must wear a face-covering (mask) in all common areas, shared workspaces, classrooms, labs and property controlled by Bradley University.

Remember, the virus can be transmitted when you’re outside too. So, if you’re outside and physical distancing cannot be maintained, a face covering must be worn. If you’re outside hanging out with your roommates or housemates, you should still wear a mask and do your best to maintain the recommended physical distance of 6 feet. We know it may not be comfortable to wear your mask, but it’s safer that way and fewer people will hound you about it if you will just Mask Up.

We are sure you know how to do your laundry, but did you know there is a certain way to Care for your mask? And there is also a proper way to wear your face covering. If it’s not covering both your mouth and nose, then it won’t work effectively.

A plastic face shield doesn’t meet the requirement of wearing a face covering. Neither do masks with one-way valves or vents. There are pros and cons of wearing neck gaiters, but the CDC has not provided a recommendation against wearing one at this time. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines on face coverings.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to pick up your B mask in the quad this week. Learn more about our mask policy in our FAQs.

Physically Distance, Socially Connect

The best approach to limiting the spread of COVID-19 is through physical distancing. We’ve spent a long time apart and are excited to see each other. We know you want to greet your friends with hugs and handshakes, but please don’t! Stay 6 feet apart and avoid the physical contact as best you can. Physical distancing should be in place at all times, even when you’re outside and even when wearing a mask.