Fraternity and Sorority Life

To support our students on campus returning to campus, Bradley University and Student Activities have collaborated to create guidelines for student organizations and their ability to still connect and create opportunities on campus. Fraternity and Sorority Life have adapted these guidelines as well as outlined additional guidelines that are directly applicable to chapters and councils on campus. FSL recognizes the challenges for the entire campus including our fraternities and sororities. Fall semester will not look the same, however, it is important that the community continues to provide the best (and safest) experience possible.

There are several resources available for Fraternities and Sororities in addition to this document.

  • Student Expectations and Guidelines site to see additional protocols taken to ensure the safety of all students. This includes mask wearing, physical distancing and testing. All of these policies, procedures and requirements will be shared with the chapter membership prior to or at the beginning of the academic year. This website is a part of Bradley University’s COVID19 response that holds all communication and information important to students, faculty and staff regarding Fall 2020.
  • Student Organization Handbook for policies created for all registered student organizations.
  • Student Organization COVID19 Resources Guide created specifically for changes made specifically for the health and safety of all students.

It is the expectation all fraternities and sororities will follow University, local, state, and CDC guidelines and policies. Institutional and organizational activities taking place off-campus are subject to the same guidelines as on-campus events.

Due to restrictions on group sizes, limited space on campus, changing landscape of the pandemic and general concern for student health and wellness, all chapters are encouraged to plan on virtual experiences, meetings and events prior to any in-person/hybrid.

Individual and Chapter Housing

Individual chapter Housing Corporation Boards have authority over all contracts, leasing, payments and oversight for their members who live in. Bradley University is not able to amend or change any contracts/leases or payments within individual external facilities. The only exceptions are Delta Tau Delta and Pi Kappa Phi as they fall underneath Residential Life’s oversight.

Bradley University’s Housing Approval Policy supports chapters to allow first year and sophomore students to amend their required on-campus housing arrangements to live in their chapter facilities based on specific parameters.

Each fraternity/sorority will provide the following information within one week of move-in each semester:

  • Chapter Member Residence Roster Document
    • This is a listing of the entire chapter and their living arrangements on-campus, off-campus and in the chapter facility (if applicable).
    • This is due no later than August 10th, 2020 fully completed.
  • Roster updated on Binvolved
    • Any changes to the roster other than adding a new member (someone who joined this semester) need to additionally be submitted through a Roster Change Form to indicate additional information. This is due no later than August 10th, 2020.
  • Greek Contact Sheet
    • (New and Improved!) The new contact sheet is broken up by chapter position. That way, chapters have the freedom to indicate who would be responsible for receiving information on the specific topic regardless of the chapter’s title.
  • Advisor Contact Sheet
    • House Corporation Board
    • Chapter Advisor
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor
    • Headquarters/Regional staff member who will be communicating with Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Chapter Facility COVID-19 plan and policies (if acceptable) due no later than August 10th, 2020.
    • Move-In and Move-out dates for Fall 2020
    • Information if required to close facilities early
    • Visitor Restrictions
    • Event Restrictions
    • Quarantine Protocol
    • Communication Plan

Chapter Facility Move-in Guidelines

It is suggested that all fraternity and sorority chapters follow the move-in procedures outlined by the university as a minimum standard. These included:

  • Creating a sign-up
  • Limit the amount of family/friends/movers to reduce risk (no more than 3 are allowed in Residential Life)
  • Require Masks during move-in
  • Communicate expectations for when helpers should leave
  • Minimize traffic in lobbies and stair wells. Identify one directional stairwells if needed.

Housing Changes for Fall 2020:

  • Upperclass students who live in Residential Life facilities will not be approved for early move-in prior to Sunday, August 23rd, 2020.
  • Due to COVID-19, each chapter facility will be considered their own “Family Living Unit” as identified along with the Residential Life plan for contact tracing unless otherwise noted in the chapter COVID-19 Plan.

Spirit/Work Week

Fraternity and Sorority Life recognized that chapters have previously participated in Spirit/Work Week activities in preparation for the semester and recruitment. Due to many factors including varying move in dates, chapter sizes and trying to control the density on campus while supporting safe activities, it is expected that chapters participate in virtual spirit/work week activities. If renovations need to be completed in the chapter facility, it should be completed by those members who live in the facility only.

Chapters should practice smart planning to ensure that time is used appropriately during scheduling. Due to the virtual nature of a majority of events at the start of the semester and recruitment and the small number of chapter members needed at Welcome Week events, the recommendation for individual chapters to start to welcome students on campus is no earlier than August 19th, 2020. However, it is the University’s stance that chapters follow the Sunday, August 23rd move-in date for their chapter facilities.


Welcome Week

Bradley University and Student Activities have been hard at work to create in-person and virtual experiences for students as well as additional ways for student organizations like fraternities and sororities to create ways to welcome students. For health and safety reasons, Fraternity and Sorority Life students will not be volunteering to move items into residence halls.

Block Party (re-mix)

A version of Block Party will be held on Friday, August 21st and Saturday, August 22nd from 5:00 PM-8:00 PM on Alumni Quad. This event is for the Fraternity and Sorority Life community only. New students who move in on Friday and Saturday respectively will attend the Block party in three different shifts. Light snacks will be provided by Dining Services for these events each day. Chapters can request a table through the Block Party Form. In order to ensure the success of this reimaged event, the following must be followed:

  • Chapters will be required to indicate their desire to attend via the form. Additional information like participant chapter members names, any activity planned and additional information will be collected.
  • A maximum of 5 chapter members will be allowed to participate on behalf of their chapter. No additional guests will be allowed including Alumni members.
  • Masks are required at all times.
  • Chapters will be provided one (1) six foot table to be used for information. Individual chapters will be responsible for planning and hosting any additional activity at their table. These activities will need to be approved no later than August 10th, 2020.
  • No food or drink is allowed to be distributed.
  • No individual table speakers. Music will be provided by Tech Crew. Chapters can indicate specific songs they are interested in playing (clean version) via the form.
  • Power is not available for individual tables.
  • Table assignments will be given out prior to the event.
  • Handouts are not allowed at this event. Students will be able to send electronic flyers after the event based on the attendance information collected through the CheckPoint app.

It should be noted that groups will be asked to set up at 4:30 pm while leaders conduct a walk through prior to the start of the event. Chapter will be responsible for cleaning up and discarding any trash.

Virtual Activities Fair- FSL Edition

Student Activities will be hosting four different Virtual Student Activities fair using the platform Airmeet. Fraternity and Sorority Life will have their own virtual fair on Sunday, August 23rd from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM. Due to the limits of the platform, a maxim of 2 members will be representing their chapter at the virtual table. This allows up to 6 additional students at each chapter table. Participation is encouraged from all chapters. A sign-up for the virtual fair can be found in the August 3rd Student Organization Fall Preview email.

(not-so) Late Night BU

Student Activities has created a campus wide Late Night BU to allow for physical distancing. This event will happen on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 from 6-9PM. If individual members are interested in signing up to help assist with Late Night BU, the sign-up can be found in the August 3rd Student Organization Fall Preview email.

Student Organization Informational Sessions

Due to the limited amount of spaces and the numerous events fraternities and sororities have been privileged to attend, we are discouraging chapters from signing up for these sessions. This allows other smaller student organizations the chance for in-persion recruitment events.

SAO Resource Tools


Chapters are encouraged to take advantage of a new digital opportunity to connect with new and returning students on campus. Student Activities has created a FlipGrid account to host Student Organization greetings. Chapters can create a 2 minute introduction video for all students to see. This is a great time to share recruitment event times or requirements to join, purposes and how you make a positive impact on campus. Instructions can be found here.

Binvolved Calculator

This is a new tool created by Student Activities to help get new and returning students connected to student organizations on campus in a virtual way. Students will fill out this calculator that will then provide them with suggestions. There is a specific space for someone to indicate interest in fraternities and sororities. The students then have an option to say that SAO can share their contact information to the organizations they might connect with (like fraternities and sororities). You can find the calculator here:

FSL Programming

Fraternity and Sorority Life is still committed to ensure the same amount of education, training and events are provided to chapters within the guidelines provided for all student organizations. FSL will be following the guidelines from Student Activities in regards to programming. This means that all events will be planned in a virtual format with a second alternative of a hybrid/in-person (if possible).

Fall Leadership Conference

Fraternity and Sorority Life will host a virtual conference for chapter leadership on September 12th, 2020. More details will be sent out at a later date.

Safety/Housing Meetings

Fraternity and Sorority Life’s annual House and Safety Meetings will be transitioned to an online platform. Students will be able to complete these meetings at their own pace and time. More details will be sent out at a later date.

We are in the process of creating information regarding Fire Inspections. Please know that we are taking the safety of the students and staff members in consideration. More information will follow.

Social Event Training

Fraternity and Sorority Life will continue officer virtual training modules on the Social Event Guidelines for all chapter leadership. Leaders will be required to take and pass a quiz for assessment purposes.

Sober Monitor Training has been re-imagined into Safety Monitor Training to allow for additional measures for safety due to COVID-19. RRT students will require a passing grade on the final quiz after participating in a virtual training. This training will be available throughout the semester. Chapters will need to complete individual chapter training prior to any event being registered. All safety monitors will be required to complete and pass the training module prior to the registration submission for the event.

FSL Fall Speaker

Fraternity and Sorority Life is working on securing a way to continue to provide this educational event through a streaming/virtual programming platform. More details will be announced at a later date.

Fright and Fun on Fredonia

Due to the health and safety concerns of passing out candy and providing activities, Fright and Fun on Fredonia will be cancelled for Fall 2020. Greek Programming Board will be working on other ways of engagement in the future.

New Member 101

This new and improved program will provide flexibility for 30 chapters in Fraternity and Sorority Life. This virtual module program will be required for all new members, regardless of when they join in the semester. More information will be provided at a later date.

Emerging Greek Leaders Retreat

More information on this virtual program will be provided at a later date.

Grand Chapter 2020

More information on updates to this program will be provided at a later date.