Vaccination Update

Dear Bradley Community,

Peoria County has started to vaccinate residents who fall into the 1B+ category as defined by the state of Illinois. This category includes people age 16-64 with comorbid conditions including the following:

  • Cancer

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Pulmonary disease

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Conditions

  • Obesity

  • Pregnancy

  • Sickle cell

  • Transplant recipient

You can make an appointment to receive the vaccine through the Peoria City/County Health Department or through local pharmacies. To make an appointment with the health department, follow the link below. You may need to keep checking to find an open appointment time.

You can also check out to see which pharmacies in the area have vaccines available.

Bradley University Health Services currently does not have access to the vaccine, but we continue to work with the health department to inform our faculty, staff and students when it is their turn and how to make an appointment.

Some media in Bradley University's current print, video and online materials was acquired before the COVID-19 pandemic. Media acquired after the pandemic began was done so in compliance with Bradley's COVID-19 safety protocols at the time. The ongoing safety of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost concern during these unprecedented times.