St. James Apartments Refund and Occupancy Information

On March 31st an email was sent to your Bradley account informing you that residents that lived in St. James Apartments during the Spring 2020 semester may be eligible for rent installment forgiveness for the months of April and May. Action will be required on your part to assist us in processing your apartment and balancing your account. This email is a follow up with the detailed workings and eligibility requirements of the adjustment / refund process. We appreciate everyone's patience and will do our best to accommodate our valued residents. This communication primarily addresses the months of April and May 2020. Later communications will provide additional details on physical move outs, transfers, returns, etc.

NOTIFICATION REQUIRED - In order for us to properly process your apartment and make adjustments we must first identify your status:

  • If you're currently living at St James, and plan to continue to do so, you need not do anything and your rent charges will be applied and owed as usual for April and May. Please submit payment via your usual methods.
  • If you're not currently living at St James it is required that you email us at by MONDAY APRIL 13TH 9:00AM to avoid rent charges. If we don't hear from you charges will be applied.


  • After 9:00 AM on Monday April 13th ACCESS to your apartment WILL END until further notice for all those NOT actively living at St James.
  • Access to retrieve essential items that you may have left behind can only be arranged through the Off-Campus Properties office with a minimum of 48 hours notice and overnight or extended stays will not be permitted at this time.
  • It is important to note at this time you are not being asked to come back to retrieve your items and they are safe to stay in your apartment.
  • In the event you have already completed your move out, but failed to return keys, we would ask that you mail your keys back to our office in a padded envelope. If they are not in a padded envelope, the keys do not make it through the machine at the post office. Therefore we will not receive the keys and you will be responsible for a lost key charge.


  • Please be aware that if you've set up a credit card or bank account through the online portal to pay rent those rent charges will continue until you disable the account on your resident portal. You can access your portal at:
  • Tenants will receive an email back to their Bradley email accounts no later than Monday April 20th acknowledging the processing of their account and an updated date for their refund.


  • If you are receiving this email and you've yet to sign a lease for the 2020-2021 school year we still have some availability and would love for you to return to live in our community. Please reach out via our account for additional information.

Again we would like to thank all of our students for your continued patience as we work through all the details. We will follow up in the near future with additional information about returning, transferring, and continuing to live at St James Apartments.

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