Student Schedules are Ready

Dear Student,

You are receiving this email because we believe your schedule is as close to final as it can be at this point. Please check Webster to review your schedule of classes and take special note of the delivery method.  

On your schedule, if you see a course listed as ONL under the building location, this means your class is exclusively online for the semester. If there is a time designation (i.e., 2:00-3:15), your class will meet online during the designated time. If the course is listed as ONL and ARR, then further information will come directly from your instructor(s).

If you have previously been approved to be a full remote learner for the semester, you will still see your course schedule populated with class locations. These can be ignored and the faculty will know you are a remote learner. It would also be helpful for you to remind your faculty prior to classes beginning.

The deadline to request 100% remote learning is noon tomorrow, August 19. If you’d like to apply to take your classes solely in a virtual environment, you must send a request to and include a brief description of why you’re making the request. All requests must be submitted by noon.  They will be reviewed and shared with several offices across campus. 

If accepted, you will agree to the following: all tuition and fees will remain the same (minus housing fees); you will not be able to reside in the residence halls, Student Apartment Complex (SAC) or St. James Apartments; all grades received will be letter grades (unless the course is already delivered as a pass/fail course); this decision is for the entire fall 2020 semester only (you will not be able to switch between virtual and face-to-face learning during the semester); and virtual learning may change your financial aid and if you have questions, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss further. You should note, there may be exceptions to virtual classes like a practicum or lab.

The Bradley Bookstore has the textbook information from your instructors. Visit the bookstore website to place your order. For the easiest experience ordering your textbooks from the Bradley Bookstore:

  1. Log into MyBU (
  2. Under “My Info” click on “My Class Schedule”
  3. Select appropriate term
  4. Click on the button at the bottom of your schedule that says “Order Textbooks Online From Bradley Bookstore”