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Return to Engagement

This committee is still diligently preparing plans and contingencies. Information will be provided in the near future.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Jon Neidy, Chair – Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Anne Hollis – Executive Director, Student Support Services
  • Dr. Aurea Toxqui – Associate Professor, History
  • Cara Wood – Director, Student Activities
  • Jen Jones – Senior Associate Athletic Director
  • Dr. Jessica Higgs – Director, Health Services
  • Jhoanna Vega Rocha – Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Julie Howe – Director, Residential Living and Student Conduct
  • Liz Wiest – Social Media Manager
  • Ryan Bair – Executive Director, Residential Living and Student Conduct
  • Sue Boettcher – Director, Dining Services
  • Nicholas Thanos - Dining Services
  • Tom Coy – Executive Director, Student Involvement
  • Michelle Riggio, Interim Executive Director, Continuing Education
  • Tracy Vanderheydt – Interim Custodial Services Supervisor
  • Brian Joschko – Chief, University Police
  • Colleen Flynn – Student
  • Trent Lewis – Student
  • AJ Fidanzo – Student

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