Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.


Residence Halls

Sleeping Rooms and Roommates

If you have a roommate, we encourage you to minimize shared items, maintain a cleaning schedule and sleep head to toe in relation to each other's beds. You will also be expected to live by the outlines of your roommate agreement. Abiding by these agreements, as well as honest communication, can help prevent any issues or deal with them when they arise. 

If your roommate is acting in ways you think are unsafe and putting you at risk:

  • Talk with your roommate about how you’re feeling, and ask them to modify their behavior, if you’re comfortable doing so
  • If you’re unsuccessful in resolving the situation, we recommend you speak with your RA (if you live in a residence hall), and if it can’t be resolved through your RA, you’re invited to complete a noncompliance form online.

Students don't have to wear a mask when in their sleeping room. For a complete review of facial covering guidelines, please click here


Bathroom usage is limited to the residents of that floor only. You’re encouraged to clean the area before and after using the bathroom; all bathrooms are equipped with additional cleaning supplies and trash cans. Residence hall bathrooms will also be cleaned regularly at posted times.

Community Areas

Residence hall community lounges and floor lounges are available for you to use. Only four people per group maximum. You must wear a mask and maintain physical distance. You’re not required to follow physical distancing guidelines with someone who shares your sleeping room.

You may also socialize one-on-one in residence hall rooms, apartments or houses with students other than your roommate while masked and physically distanced. Click here to view more specific details.

Using the laundry facilities in each residence hall depends on your health status. If you’re quarantined, you may be able to do laundry during special quarantine-only hours, or you may have to wait until the end of your quarantine.

Remote Learning and Housing Contracts

If you received approval for remote learning and have opted not to live in a campus-affiliated residence, your housing contract in the residence halls, SAC, or St. James will be adjusted automatically. You’ll receive communication directly from those offices regarding anything else you may need to do.

Main Street Commons, Rental House, Fraternities and Sororities

Main Street Commons, individual rental properties, and fraternities and sororities are operated by outside agencies. All questions regarding the operations of these properties should be directed to the appropriate landlord.


Associated housing and meal plan costs will be adjusted to reflect any shortened on-campus residential time period. Adjustments will automatically appear on your university bill.