Inside the Book

Lincoln, Inc.: Selling the Sixteenth President
Selling Abraham Lincoln
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln


Mr. Lincoln’s Coattails: Marketing, Memorabilia and Presidential Tourism
Branding Lincoln
On the Road with Lincoln
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: Commodification, Simulation and Riding the Rail Splitter’s Coattails


Packaging the President: Lincoln Biographies
 “Among the Noblest of the Nation’s Treasures:” Themes in Lincoln Biographies
Hogs, Books and Indians: Anecdotes in Lincoln Biographies
The Quotes Maketh the Man: Lincoln in His Own Words
Lincoln Lovers and Lincoln Haters: Disputations in Lincoln Biographies
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: Framing the Sixteenth President


Telling Fictions: Lincoln in Literature, Television and Film
From Sentimentality to Sensationalism: The Evolution of the Fictional Lincoln
Lincoln in Biographical Fiction: The Sixteenth President as Boy Scout
Lincoln in Period Suspense: The MacGuffin President
Lincoln in Contemporary Suspense: The Unimpeachable President
Lincoln in Romance Novels: The Pin-up President
Lincoln in Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Great Transmogrifier
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: What “Telling Fictions” Tell Us 


What Would Lincoln Do? The Sixteenth President in Twenty-first Century Politics
In Lincoln We Trust: Lincoln and Legitimacy
The Fight for Lincoln’s Soul
Emancipation Proclamations: Homosexuality and Abortion
Whitewashing Lincoln? The Great Emancipator in Racial Politics
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: Manufacturing Consensus 


 “A” is for Abe: Teaching Lincoln
Lessons in Lincoln
Picturing Abe: Lincoln in Children’s Picture Books
Nods to Diversity: The Lincoln Era in High School Textbooks
Silence is Golden: What Lessons in Lincoln Leave Out
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: The Lincolnization of American Children 


Lincoln Under Glass: The Great Emancipator in American Museums
On Curators and Curiosities
Exhibiting Lincoln
What Lies Beneath: Unifying Themes in Lincoln Exhibits
Saint Abe: The Veneration of Lincoln
Consuming Lincoln
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: Profiting from the Past 


Selling Lincoln: Who Do We Think We Are?
The Anti-Lincolns
The Barber, the Seamstress and the Abolitionists: African Americans in the Lincoln Narrative
Lessons from the Anti-Lincolns: Who Do We (Not) Want to Be?
An Outsider’s Perspective on Lincoln: The Sixteenth President in the “Imagined Community”
Coda: In Defense of Lincoln, Inc.