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"We see things not as they are but as we are, goes an old cliché about history. In a new twist, sociologist Jackie Hogan proceeds to learn about us by finding out how we have viewed Abraham Lincoln. I learned about Lincoln in romance novels, children's books, even science fiction—and had a good time in the process."  (James W. Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me.)

"In this innovative evaluation of Abraham Lincoln as object, Jackie Hogan parses the ways in which Americans have ‘seen’ Lincoln in material culture, tourism, books and museums. Deeply researched and well-conceptualized, Lincoln Inc.: The Selling of the 16th President in Contemporary America is a thoughtful addition to not just our understanding of Lincoln, but more importantly our contemporary political culture. In Hogan’s work the man for all ages becomes a revealing mirror reflecting our age—our values and aspirations, hopes and expectations. This book is of interest not just to those who concentrate on Lincoln but to any American who wants to appreciate the uses of the past to the present." (Jean H. Baker, author of Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography.)

"Lincoln, Inc. is a lovely and clever book that explores the manipulative uses of image-making and collective memory surrounding Abraham Lincoln. Always accessible and at times quite humorous, it’s a terrific read." (David Grazian, author of Mix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, & Society.)

 "I was instantly intrigued with this book...I was unable to put it down..." (Reader review,

"Fascinating and possibly groundbreaking...For sociologists, anthropologists, and history buffs, this book is for you! For Lincoln-lovers, it is essential reading..." (Reader review,

"I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for an informative and intriguing non-fiction read. Even if you don't have a particular interest in Abraham Lincoln, you'll find that Lincoln, Inc. is kind of addictive." (Reader review,

"It's an accepted part of the American narrative that Abraham Lincoln was a living embodiment of the American dream and one of our greatest presidents. However, Hogan's...sociological study shows every generation interprets Lincoln differently according to its own values, hopes, and fears. Her exhaustive research demonstrates how American opinions about Lincoln serve mostly to feed the current national identity and the purposes of interest groups quoting him. She analyzes memoir, fiction, Lincoln's place in education, and the commercial use of his identity, especially in places he lived. Moving deftly between extremely academic and very accessible language, readers can engage with the text and thoughtfully consider Hogan's perspective. Those curious about history and the shared American cultural narrative will embrace Hogan's work and look at cultural mythology with a more critical eye." ( Publishers Weekly, November 28, 2011.) 

"A great book to give you a different perspective on Abraham Lincoln and how we view him and use him. I had never thought of how much we actually use him to make money or to get something we desire. This book is worth your time reading and could be a great discussion starter." (Reader review,

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