Steering Committee


The Steering Committee will consist of the Provost, the Director for Institutional Improvement, the Chair of the Senate General Education subcommittee of C&R, two representatives from each college appointed by their Dean, a representative from the Library, a representative from Student Affairs, a representative from the Student Senate, and other appointees as deemed necessary.  The Director for Institutional Improvement and the Chair of the Senate General Education subcommittee of C&R chair will serve as co-chairs of the Steering Committee.  Each member of the Steering Committee will serve as liaison to one of the subcommittees.

  • Kelly McConnaughay, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences, co-chair
  • Jenny Gruening Burge, Director of Institutional Improvement, co-chair
  • Jeries Abou-Hanna, Mechanical Engineering, EGT
  • Larry Aspin, Political Science, LAS
  • Dean Cantu, Teacher Education, EHS
  • Barbara Galik, Library
  • David Glassman, Provost, ex-officio
  • Bernie Goitein, Business Management & Administration, FCB
  • Steve Heinemann, Music, CFA
  • Brian Huggins, Electrical Engineering, EGT
  • Dawn Koeltzow, Smith Career Center
  • Samantha Pallini, Student
  • Robert Prescott, English, LAS
  • Vince Showers, Associate Dean, FCB
  • Dan Smith, Communications, CFA
  • Kerry Walters, Music, CFA (Spring 2014 sabbatical replacement for SH)
  • Kara Wolfe, Family and Consumer Sciences, EHS



  • Review final recommendations from Subcommittees 3, 4 and 5
  • Review End-of-Semester Reports from subcommittees and feedback from campus, including individual and unit level feedback
  • Refine or adopt current draft recommendations from Subcommittees 3, 4 and 5
  • Develop multiple (target 2-4) program templates that integrate learning outcomes, models and other curricular and co-curricular elements as appropriate
  • Develop document articulating draft program templates, reasoning behind program, program goals, etc.
  • Plan release of draft program templates to campus
  • Develop mechanisms to obtain campus input
  • Prepare proposal to Curriculum & Regulations (C&R) subcommittee of University Senate


The Steering Committee will be responsible for coordinating the general education review/revision process, and for developing the resulting proposal to C&R.