Subcommittee 3 - Core Competencies and Learning Outcomes


Subcommittee #3 shall consist of the following representatives:

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:
    • a member from the Social Sciences;
    • a member from Humanities;
    • a member from Natural Sciences.
  • College of Communication and Fine Arts:
    • a member from Communications;
    • and a member from Fine Art.
  • College of Education and Health Sciences:
    • a member from Education;
    • a member from Health Sciences.
  • One member from College of Engineering.
  • One member from College of Business Administration
  • Other members as deemed necessary.
  • The chair of the General Education Subcommittee of University Senate, and the Director of Institutional Improvement, who will also serve as liaisons to the General Education Subcommittee of University Senate and the University-Wide Assessment Team.

The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee.

  • Bob Wolffe, Teacher Education, EHS, Chair
  • Steve Heinemann, Music, CFA, liaison to Steering Committee
  • Jenny Gruening, Institutional Improvement, liaison to Assessment Team
  • Kelly McConnaughay Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences, liaison to SC 1
  • Tony Bedenikovic, Mathematics, LAS
  • Randy Carlson, Art, CFA
  • Kyle Dzapo, Music, CFA
  • Michelle Edgcomb-Friday, Biology, LAS
  • Dan Getz, Philosophy & Religious Studies, LAS
  • Mark Johlke, Marketing, FCB
  • Dee Montgomery, Psychology, LAS
  • Brenda Pratt, Physical Therapy & Health Science, EHS
  • Mohammad Yamin, Civil Engineering & Construction, EGT



  • Work with University-wide assessment team and Subcommittee 1 to develop assessment plan and identify and create assessment tools to measure student learning outcomes (SLOs), with considerations for both native and transfer students
  • Respond to draft program templates, other recommendations and documents, and requests from the Steering Committee


  1. Subcommittee #3 shall:
    1. Review historical Bradley University documents relating to core competencies and general education at Bradley.  These documents include the current general education program document from 2004, the University-Wide Assessment Team’s competency document and assessment plan for the Bradley Core Experience, the 2008 BUCCS conversation white paper concerning Bradley graduates, Spring 2012 focus group data; the Bradley University Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements; and other data and information deemed necessary by the Subcommittee.
    2. Review general education programs at similar institutions, and review identified core competencies and learning outcomes.
    3. Review AAC&U publications and Degree Qualifications Profile information relating to general education components and learning outcomes.
    4. Work closely with Subcommittee 4
  2. Subcommittee #3 shall analyze compiled data to:
    1. Summarize findings from 1A to 1C.
    2. Draft programmatic competencies and learning outcomes recommended for the Bradley University General Education program.
  3. Subcommittee #3 shall submit:
    1. The summary of reviewed documentation to the Steering Committee by the end of the Fall 2012 semester.
    2. Recommended competencies and learning outcomes for the general education program to the Steering Committee by the end of the Spring 2013 semester.
  4. Subcommittee #3 shall work with existing University committees (The University-Wide Assessment Team and the General Education Subcommittee of University Senate) to assist in the development of an assessment plan for the general education program.