Subcommittee 5 - Integrating Effective Practices and Co-curricular Activities


Subcommittee #5 shall consist of a representative from each college appointed by their Dean, representatives from campus programs actively involved in co-curricular education, and other appointees as deemed necessary. The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee, and a member of the Steering Committee will act as liaison between the subcommittee and the Steering Committee.

  • Christine Blouch, International Programs, Chair
  • Dan Smith, Communications, CFA, liaison to Steering Committee
  • In Soo Ahn, Electrical Engineering, EGT
  • Rob Baer, Marketing, FCB
  • Jeff Bakken, Dean of the Graduate School (OTEFD)
  • Rob Bertram, Physical Therapy & Health Science, EHS
  • Chuck Bukowski, International Studies, LAS
  • Dawn Koeltzow, Smith Career Center
  • Brad McMillan, Institute for Principled Leadership
  • Steve Snyder, Theatre Arts, CFA
  • David Trillizio, Orientation & Advisement



  • Provide oversight for refinement of emerging High-Impact curricular and co-curricular elements, which may include but are not limited to Freshman Seminar, Common Intellectual Experiences, Experiential Learning Components, Co-curricular Experiences, Writing Intensive Course and Capstone components, including articulation with unit level needs/objectives for any such experiences that also meet major level requirements, with considerations for both native and transfer students
  • Review other High Impact and Co-Curricular components as they emerge and are integrated in proposed programs
  • Respond to draft program templates, other recommendations and documents, and requests from the Steering Committee


  1. Subcommittee #5 shall:
    1. Identify all programs that have co-curricular content or effective practices (see the AAC&U LEAP documents for a starting list)that have been integrated into the general education program.
    2. Identify all programs with co-curricular content or effective practices that may be integrated into the general education program.
    3. Compile the specifics of the general education requirements applicable to the programs identified in (a) and (b) as well as the HLC general education mandates.
    4. Research how co-curricular activities or effective practices have been integrated into the general education program at other institutions.
  2. Subcommittee #5 shall analyze compiled data to:
    1. Identify general education co-curricular or effective practice components that correlate to emerging general education guidelines and standards.
    2. Identify consistencies and inconsistencies among components illuminated in (a), including methods of evaluation and oversight.
  3. Subcommittee #5 shall submit:
    1. An inventory of current co-curricular activities and effective practices currently offered at Bradley by Fall 2012.
    2. A summary of co-curricular content recommended for inclusion in the general education program by the end of Spring 2013 semester, based on identified core competencies and learning outcomes for the program, effective practices at other institutions, and current Bradley University offerings.
    3. Recommendations for oversight of content identified in (b), as such content is approved by the General Education Steering Committee. (2013-2014)