Subcommittee 6 - Implementation: Roll Out, Professional Development, and Budget


Subcommittee #6 shall consist of a representative from each college appointed by their Dean, a representative from OTEFD, a representative from the Provost’s Office, and other appointees as deemed necessary. The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee, and a member of the Steering Committee will act as liaison between the subcommittee and the Steering Committee.

  • Andy Kindler, Registrar's Office, Chair
  • Jeries Abou-Hanna, Mechanical Engineering, EGT, liaison to Steering Committee
  • Pat Chrosniak, Teacher Education, EHS, Sakai Manager
  • Shyam Bhandari, Finance & Quantitative Methods, FCB
  • Patti Hall, LAS Dean's Office
  • Phil Jones, History, LAS
  • Chad Lowell, Theatre Arts, CFA
  • Mike McAsey, Mathematics, LAS
  • Jon Neidy, Continuing Education
  • Linda Pizzuti, Provost Office
  • Bob Podlasek, Assistant Dean, EGT
  • Tom Richmond, University Marketing
  • Nancy Ridgeway, University Publications
  • Kim Willis, OTEFD



  • Prepare detailed resource analysis for draft programs in Fall 2013
  • Plan the transition from the old to the new program for start date of Fall 2015
  • Develop informational materials for new program
  • Respond to draft program templates, other recommendations and documents, and requests from the Steering Committee


  1. Subcommittee #6 shall:
    1. Address the issues associated with implementing the General Education program.
    2. Plan the transition from the current program to the new program.
    3. Identify departments for which general educations course offerings constitute a significant portion of the student-semester hours taught by the department’s faculty.
  2. Subcommittee #6 shall analyze compiled data to
    1. Assess resource needs and make recommendations to the Provost with regard to
      • resource utilization;
      • professional development needs;
      • any other resource needs for the transition to and implementation of the new program.
  3. Subcommittee #6 shall submit:
    1. Assessment of resource needs of current program by Spring 2013.
    2. Draft of a transition plan from the old program to the new by Fall 2013.
    3. Resource Recommendations for the new program by Spring 2014.