Writing Intensive Requirement Subcommittee


Membership shall consist of a representative from each college appointed by their Dean, a representative from the library, a representative from the University-wide Assessment Team’s Writing Task Force, a representative from subcommittee 5 of General Education Review and Revision Project, a student appointed by the Student Senate, and other appointees as deemed necessary. The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee, and a member of the Steering Committee will act as liaison between the subcommittee and the Steering Committee.

  • Patricia Dahlquist, English, LAS, Chair
  • Jenny Gruening Burge, Director of Institutional Improvement, Liaison to Steering Committee
  • Rob Bertram, Physical Therapy & Health Science, EHS
  • Jana Hunzicker, Teacher Education, EHS
  • Megan Jaskowiak, Library
  • Joshua Lewer, Economics, FCB
  • Shannon Timpe, Mechanical Engineering, EGT


The Writing Intensive Subcommittee shall:

  1. Review the Bradley Core Curriculum document and recommendations regarding writing intensive courses from Subcommittee 5. Additionally, review the Writing Task Force Inventory results regarding current writing assignments at Bradley. Finally, research writing intensive programs at peer and competitor institutions to gather benchmarking information regarding
    1. requirements: how many courses are student required to take, where are the courses housed (e.g., general education vs. major), how are they scaffolded vis-à-vis composition requirements, do they also contain oral or other communication requirements, what are the requirements for a course to be deemed writing-intensive
    2. administration: are writing intensive courses under the administration of the general program or a separate entity
    3. support systems: e.g., faculty development and assistance, student support
    4. assessment models
  2. Coordinate with the Writing Task Force and CTEL to develop and host open forum session to review and discuss Writing Task Force Inventory results.
  3. Develop recommendations regarding
    1. Bradley’s writing intensive requirement
    2. structures and resources needed to support the writing intensive requirement
    3. administrative and evaluation details
  4. Submit a summative report to the Steering Committee by May 16, 2014.