About B-Mail

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B-Mail is the official method of University communications for all students.
B-Mail is a Google-based (Gmail) program

B-Mail Information

  • When you activate your BUnetID, you will automatically be set up with your B-Mail account
  • Your B-Mail address will be yourBUnetID@mail.bradley.edu and your password will be your BUnetID password
  • Access your B-Mail account (http://mail.bradley.edu) through any Web browser
  • Change your BUnetID (B-Mail) password on MyBU (login to MyBU, use the password change channel)

Note: Be aware that sending email to fellow students at BUnetID@bradley.edu instead of BUnetID@mail.bradley.edu causes messages to be sent from Google to Bradley University's network, then back to Google for delivery, which can cause a delivery delay

Following are links for using common Gmail mail tasks and features.

Access your B-Mail at http://mail.bradley.edu

You are responsible for all official correspondence received via your B-Mail account.
It is strongly suggested that you check your Bradley University B-Mail account on a regular basis.