Emailing A Class Help

To send email to all students in a section of a class, address the email to
  ddd is the 3-letter department code. For department codes containing a space (such as "CS " or "E E") do not include the space.
  nnn is the 3-digit course number.
  ss is the section. For sections with only one character (such as labs identified by letter) do not include the space.
  yy is the last 2 digits of the year.
  tt is the semester code used by the Registrar's Office:
FA  -  Fall
SP  -  Spring
JA  -  January Interim
J2  -  January Study Abroad
M1  -  May 3-week Interim
M2  -  May 8-week Interim
S1  -  Summer Session 1
S2  -  Summer Session 2
SA  -  Summer Study Abroad

If a semester is currently in progress, you may omit the -yytt and the current semester will be assumed. During summer, when up to 3 semesters can be in progress simultaneously, omitting the -yytt will only work if the class occurs in only one current semester. If it occurs in more than one, you will get an error saying you must specify the semester. Between semesters you must always include -yytt.

    All students registered for "CS 140" section 02 in the current semester:
    All students registered for "E E205" Lab C in spring 2012:
    All students registered for "ENG307" section 04 in 2011 Summer Session 2.

In most cases, the class instructor will also get the email. Check to see if the instructor is in the database.

Registration for the class is looked up at the time the message is sent. There is no delay. A student who just added the class will get a message sent to it 1 second later. Email sent to classes in future semesters will be sent to those students already pre-registered for the class.

Mail will be sent to the students' Bradley-provided address. Students only checking their email at other accounts (GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) will not see the message unless they have arranged forwarding from their Bradley mailboxes.

Email must be sent from an address.

Upper/lower case does not matter for any part of the address.