Gmail is getting an Upgrade

Google is introducing new gmail options to make email management easier for users.

New Look

  • Modernized user interface.
  • New fonts that make email easier to read on mobile devices.
  • Interactive side panel for Calendar, Tasks, and Keep (note taking).
  • Interactive hovering so that attachments, threads, and other features can be accessed from an email without opening it.

Smarter Choices

  • Nudging - unanswered emails will ask if you want to reply after a set period of time.
  • Snooze - a user can choose to have a message sleep and reappear at a later time when it is more convenient to reply.
  • Smart Reply - Gmail suggests responses to messages.
  • High Priority Notifications - mobile notifications can be restricted to high priority email.
  • Intelligent Unsubscribe - Gmail suggests unsubscribing to an email based on user activity.

Trying the new FSMAIL

Click on the settings gear and choose “Try the new”.

Google Settings

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