Technology Guide

This Technology Guide is provided to assist you in locating information about technology services and resources available at Bradley. If you have questions about the services or information provided below, please call the Technology HelpDesk at (309) 677-2964 or stop by to speak with a HelpDesk consultant in the Cullom-Davis Library.

Technology Helpdesk:

Provides first level support for Technology related issues. Bradley ID required to enter building and receive assistance. Located in the Cullom-Davis Library. (309) 677-2964

Electronic Mail Account

Account Creation
  • New accounts are created automatically.
  • Additional permissions, early account creations, name changes, etc., may be requested under the IRT menu at


Account Activation
  • An Electronic Identification Authentication Letter (EIA Letter) containing new employees BUNetID and a pin number.
  • From a web browser enter in:
  • Enter in BUNetID and the pin number from the letter
  • Select two questions and answers — this is used if you forget your password or if your password expires.
  • Enter in a password — must be eight (8) characters in length and contain at least one number.


Access Electronic Mail
  • From a web browser enter:
  • Enter in your BUNetID
  • Enter in your Password


Change Password
  • Log into the password change app
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter your new password
  • Re-enter your new password
  • Press Submit
  • Passwords expires every 90 days


Forgotten or expired password and don’t remember secret questions or answers
  • EIA letter may be obtained from the Technology Helpdesk during business hours Monday — Friday, 8:00am — 5:00pm.
  • Request an EIA letter be sent to postal address on record, contact the Technology Helpdesk (309) 677-2964


Single Sign-On
  • Single Sign-on allows you to use one user name and one password for email, MyBU, BUsecure wireless access and signing on to computers registered to Bradley's domain.


Printer and Server Permissions

Network Printers
  • Network printers are available throughout the campus — faculty and staff members should speak with others in the department so that those printers closest to them are available. Local printers are generally detectable when connected to a system. If issues arise contact the Technology Helpdesk at 677-2964 for assistance.


Storage Space
  • A number of departments have access to storage space located on servers. These servers contain documents and other data that are utilized by the department. Your supervisor must request in writing that you be granted permission to the severs. Please send your request to Director Systems Integration & Security. The e-mail is to include the users name and what server and data you need permissions to. If your dept does not have storage space for you, Google Drive has unlimited space that you can use for data backup, just don't save HIPAA, FERPA, or sensitive data it or any other cloud based storage.


Server Access
  • A number of Administrative offices have applications that run from to a server. In order to be given access to these a new employee must have their supervisor request that permissions be granted. Contact the Technology Helpdesk to open a service request to have this done



Work Backups
  • It is strongly recommended that everyone back up their data on a regular basis. Some means for backing up data are; departmental server, external hard drive, flash drive or off campus drop boxes. Work related data should be backed up to university owned resources.



University Portal
  • MyBU website contains services such as:
  • DocSoup — electronic completion, routing, and approval of University documents
  • Faculty Portfolio — for faculty activity data updates and reports provided by Digital Measures
  • Pay Stub
  • QuickCard — provides access to your account to monitor transactions and other functions. Also used as your Bradley ID.
  • RetirementTIAA-CREF Publications and Forms
  • Forewarncampus emergency system.


Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Security
  • For detailed information on mobile devices, please click here to view the Mobile Devices section in Responsible Computing.


Computer Systems

Campus Computer Sales
  • Is a centralized evaluation, selection, sale of computer systems, peripheral equipment and software for institutional, student and employee purchases.


University Computers
  • Systems purchased by the university will have a standard image installed, which will include Microsoft Office. The University has procured a set number of licenses for the following applications: SPSS, AMOS and Mathematica. Contact Campus Computer Sales (309) 677-2947 for additional information and availability.


Faculty Laptop Program
  • The faculty laptop program is designed to provide a laptop computer for full-time tenure track positions.
    Laptops are currently on a four year replacement cycle.
  • For additional information regarding obtaining a laptop go to Laptops for Faculty.


FSMail and Google Apps for Education Information


Anti-Virus for University Owned Systems

Microsoft Endpoint Protection is installed on university owned Apple computers and computers running Windows 7. Defender is configured to run on all university owned computers running Windows 10. Those wishing to have the new anti-virus installed on an existing systems are to contact the Technology Helpdesk and open a Service Request. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Technology Helpdesk at (309) 677-2964.


Personally-owned Computer Systems

If you plan to use a personally-owned computer system on Bradley University's network, you must follow the Responsible Computing practices.

  • We recommend purchasing a VGA and an ethernet adapter for tablets, MacBook Airs or any other laptop that does not have those built in. You will need to be able to connect to Bradley's wired network for taking quizzes or tests.

Bradley University Partners

Apple Computers

Save with Apple education pricing

Apple Store For Education: Special pricing on the full range of Apple computers plus select third-party products.

Dell Computers

Bradley has partnered with Dell to offer discounted pricing for personal purchases including desktops, notebooks and peripherals. Students can take advantage of the Employee Purchase Program (EPP) with the same savings as employees!


Access Software Reference Guides

Using the Network


Before connecting to the wired network.


Computer Registration

You must register your computer to use the wired network.


Campus Printing Service

Print using Bradley's Campus Printing Service.


Using Network Hubs

Using network hubs (Heitz & Mini Dorm).


Obtaining Your Computer's IP Address

Obtain your MAC or IP Address*


Video Streaming Services

In an effort to help save internet bandwidth on campus, please disable auto play for video streaming services.




  • Open Hulu
  • Play a video
  • Click on the Gear Icon in the playback controls at the bottom of the video (example)
  • Select Auto Play Off (example)



  • Open YouTube
  • Click on the Gear Icon in the playback controls at the bottom of the video (example)
  • Slide Auto Play Off




* Requires a PDF viewer

Phone and Voicemail

Dialing and Basic Phone Features

Use our guide to learn about local calling, phone directory and other free services here.


Phone Documentation

Learn phone specific features here.


Voicemail First Time Users Guide

Learn how to set up your voicemail for the first time here.


Voicemail Users Guide

Learn how to use voicemail specific features here.


Instructional Resources:

  • AcInquire is a Bradley University developed application utilized by faculty to perform degree audits and post grades via the web. Permissions to the system are granted by the Registrar's Office in Swords Hall 11.


Computer Labs and Mediated Classrooms
  • A number of academic departments have computer labs available to their faculty – check with departmental secretaries for availability and software / hardware information.

    There are four labs that are available to all students: Baker 154, Westlake 015, Garrett Center 207 and the Cullom-Davis Library.

    There are two types of mediated classrooms: those with computers and those without. These rooms will contain a projector and sound equipment. Rooms without computers will have a network connection available for laptop connections.


Audience Response System
  • Clickers allow the presenter to pose a question and receive audience responses simultaneously, then present the aggregated responses to the audience immediately. The response data is also saved and can be later uploaded to Sakai or further analyzed.


Lecture Recording & Streaming
  • Panopto is a commercial product that allows faculty members and presenters to record presentations and upload recordings so that students or participants in a course or program can view the recordings online.


Qualtrics Survey Software
  • A web-based survey software available for use by Bradley University faculty, staff and students. View the Qualtrics web site.


AV Equipment Request Form
  • Fill out this form for all AV equipment requests.


Library Resources
  • Get help finding journals, books and research guides online at the Bradley Library website.


  • Build online courses using Sakai


For additional information contact Learning Design and Technology


Outages and Upgrades
  • Information regarding system, network and power outages, as well as scheduled upgrades that may cause interruptions in service is posted on the Technology HelpDesk website. Be sure to check this site for information if you are having difficulty accessing a campus system or service.


Training Classes

IRT provides individual training in the areas of:

  • Classroom technologies (Contact Joe Bohna 309-677-3387)
  • Library research (Contact Meg Frazier 309-677-3219)
  • Microsoft Office - 1 on 1 assistance by appointment only (Contact the HelpDesk (309) 677-2964)
  • Web production and more (Contact Contact Joe Bohna 309-677-3387)


Computer Labs and Servers

Check with your department or college to find out what labs and servers may be available for your use.


Data Protection on Mobile Devices
Editing Personal Websites

To access and edit person websites hosted by Bradley, please follow information.


  • Download a FTP client that allows use of SFTP (Secure FTP), like Filezilla.
  • Use the following SFTP information
    • Server:
    • User Name: Your BUnetID
    • Password: Your BUnetID password
    • Path: /home/your login name/public_html/
    • Port: 22
    • Download the file that needs revisions to your computer

Use a html editor like Notepad, Coda or Dreamweaver to change the information and replace the file through your FTP client.