Faculty Laptop Program

Faculty Laptop Program

The Faculty Laptop Program was established in 1999 to provide full-time tenured faculty with the latest computer technology available to augment course development and research. The laptops are maintained on a three-year replacement cycle. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs office administer participation and guidelines for the program. Information Resources and Technology via Customer Support Services manages the program selecting models offered, distributing and maintaining the systems.

Participation Criteria
  • Full-time tenure faculty status. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs office provides list of those who are eligible.
  • Systems are assigned to a position. The system belongs with the position, not the faculty member.


Retirement or Leaving University
  • A Faculty Laptop Computer Return form is completed for all returned systems.
  • Systems must be returned to the Technology HelpDesk during business hours.
  • Faculty members moving to a part-time position from full-time must turn in the system.
  • Faculty members retiring but who will still be doing work for the university need to turn in the system.


Data Retention
  • The faculty member is responsible for maintaining an appropriate backup of their data. Laptops are equipped with a CD ROM burner to facilitate backups.
  • Customer Support Services is available to assist with backing up data for departing faculty members; the faculty member must provide the media for the backup. Only data files are backed up, no music or video files are backed up. An appointment should be made as this task is time consuming.
  • After being returned to Customer Support Services, all data on the system is removed and the operating system and standard applications are re-installed.


New Faculty Members
  • Systems are not available until the actual start date of the individuals contract.
  • Systems are assigned to a position; new faculty filling vacant positions receive the system assigned to that position. 
  • New faculty receiving a previously assigned system who have been promised a new system upon employment are to resolve the matter with their departmental chair.


Sabbatical or Leave of Absence
  • Those scheduled to receive a new replacement system are to pick up the system (if on campus and time permits) prior to their departure.
  • Those scheduled to receive a new replacement system that depart prior to the system being available retain their current system.


Stolen or Lost Systems

It is the responsibility of faculty members to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to or loss/theft of their laptop computers. Stolen or lost systems are the responsibility of the faculty member to replace.

  • A lost or stolen system is to be replaced with a system comparable to the one it is replacing.
  • Campus Computer Sales is to be consulted to determine which system should be purchased as a replacement.

Make sure to carry a copy of the BU Tag# and serial# of your laptop. This information is used for police reports and tracking purposes.


Theft or Loss Off Campus
    • Contact Local Police Department
    • Obtain a copy of the police report
    • Upon returning to campus:
      • Contact Campus Police x2000
      • Contact Technology HelpDesk x2964


Hardware and Software Issues

Contact the Technology HelpDesk x2964 with all software and hardware issues. If your work has stopped, inform the HelpDesk Consultant so that your Service Request will be given the highest priority.


Loaner Systems

A limited number of loaner systems are available. For most hardware issues, the hard drive from the existing system can be removed and placed in the same model loaner.

Faculty must contact the Technology HelpDesk to verify that a loaner system is available and can be “swapped” with the damaged system.

Faculty laptops are not to be dropped off without the prior approval of a professional staff member. HelpDesk consultants have been instructed not to accept any faculty system without prior authorization from Customer Support Services professional staff.


Repair Costs

In some instances, repair to a system may not fall under the warranty criteria. In these instances the assigned faculty member and/or department is responsible for the repair cost. These will be identified prior to any repair being initiated.

Campus Computer Sales is a unit of IRT, Customer Support Services. Your sales representative is available to assist you at (309)677-3044, 105 Sisson Hall. Campus Computer Sales office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-Noon and 1:00-5:00pm. Visit the Computer Sales website at http://computersales.bradley.edu.


Repurposed Laptop Program

A limited number of Windows and Apple laptops, these systems are previously used and are post-warranty, which means there is no repair available. Repurposed laptops are intended for temporary use only, not as primary use machines for faculty, staff and students. They are available for long and short term checkout. Contact Mike McCauley at the Technology HelpDesk, (309) 677-3677 for availability.


Any Bradley faculty member or staff member may check out a loaner laptop from the Technology HelpDesk for short term use. Students may also check out a laptop to support classroom activities with an authorization note from their instructor. Long term checkout is reserved for part-time/temporary faculty requiring semester or school year long use. This must be approved in writing by the Dean of their college who will notify the Technology HelpDesk. The Technology HelpDesk staff is not authorized to distribute laptops without Dean level notification. Loaner laptops are distributed based on availability.


Checking Out A System

Loaner laptops may be checked out from the Technology HelpDesk in the Cullom-Davis Library. Call (309) 677-3677, email mikemc@fsmail.bradley.edu or stop by during business hours to check short-term availability. Systems are to be returned to the same location during normal business hours.



As previously stated, these systems are not supported by Information Resources and Technology (IRT). They have no warranty repair coverage and parts are not available. Any loaner laptop not working properly is to be returned to the Technology HelpDesk, where a replacement loaner may be issued if one is available. Because these systems are not supported by Bradley, it is very important that you back up your files to a departmental server or some type of removable storage. It is recommended that you invest in a USB thumb drive, an external CD-R drive, or some other removable media to store your files. Depending on your usage and storage requirements, both may be needed. These devices are available at a reasonable price from Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, and online. Departments purchasing this product may contact Campus Computer Sales, (309) 677-2947 for assistance. AV Services has two portable CD burners available for temporary check out to assist in backing up files.


System Configuration

The laptop that you are issued may be configured with the following hardware and software. Installation of any special use software is to be performed by the individual checking out the laptop. Prior to returning the laptop, please remove any software applications and files that you have installed to the hard drive. General configuration:

PC laptop x/DVD-CD Windows 7 or 10 OS
Ethernet or wireless card MS Office
AC Power adapter Antivirus
Internet Explorer
Macintosh w/DVD-CD OS X
Ethernet or wireless card MS Office
AC Power adapter Antivirus

*Ethernet cables or batteries are not provided and can be purchased from Campus Computer Sales.


Damage, Loss or Theft

Please take care of the loaner system in a secure, environmentally appropriate location at all times. Report any loss or theft to campus security and the Technology HelpDesk immediately.


Care & Safety
  • Do not leave your laptop in an automobile or other location that is exposed to the weather for any length of time. The LCD panel is susceptible to damage from heat, cold, and moisture.
  • As with any computer, keep liquids away from the keyboard.
  • Keep your office door closed and locked even if you step out for just a few minutes.
  • Lock your laptop in a desk or file cabinet drawer or secure it with a security device overnight or when you will be out of the office for an extended period of time.
  • When traveling, make sure the laptop is in your possession at all times.
  • To protect the LCD panel, do not set any heavy objects on the laptop. Also be careful not to over pack your laptop case with items that could press on the screen.
  • Keep the laptop out of high-traffic areas at home and in public areas where it would be more likely to be accidentally damaged.
  • If you leave Bradley University for any reason or you wish not to keep your laptop computer, it is your responsibility to return it to the Technology HelpDesk, Cullom-Davis Library.



Questions regarding the loaner laptop program may be directed to Mike McCauley, (309) 677-3677.