BUguest: Bradley University's guest wireless network

BUguest wireless allows campus guests access to http, https and VPN. Access expires after 24 hours requiring re-registration.
It is strongly recommended that all students, faculty and staff not use BUguest but instead take advantage of the encryption security provided by Bradley’s secure wireless network, BUsecure.

Quick jump to instructions for Windows 7MAC OS X or read the instructions below for Windows 8 & 10.

Setting Up BUguest on Windows 8 & 10 Systems

If you are using a mouse on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows 8, move the mouse either bottom right of the screen to open the charms. If you are using a touch enabled device or computer, swipe from the right side of the screen to the left to open Charms.

Click or tap Settings and then Network.

Windows 8 Network Settings

Select BUguest, check Connect Automatically and then click Connect.

BUguest in Windows 8

You should now be connected to BUguest.

Connected to BUguest in Windows 8

After you are connected, open your web browser. You will be redirected to a page requesting your email address. Enter the information and click Accept.

Enter Email Address for BUguest

Enter in a valid e-mail address (i.e.  jjones@hotmail.com)

Access is granted for twelve (12) hours.