BUsecure wireless setup for Mac OS X

To configure your computer to use BUsecure:

Run Software Update via the Apple menu at top left of your screen. If your operating system is not up to date, you may not have the root certificate support installed, which can cause problems connecting to BUsecure.

Turn AirPort on via the Finder menu icon.

Turning Airport On

Select BUsecure from the list of broadcast networks

Select BUsecure

>Fill out your BUnetID and password for User Name and Password. Make sure Remember this network is checked. Click OK.

BUsecure Password

When you receive a certificate verification window, click Show Certificate.
Under Trust set the three pulldown menus to Always Trust. Click Continue.

You may be prompted to enter a password to change your Certificate Trust Settings. This uses your computer login name and your computer password, not your BUnetID credentials.

Certificate Trust Settings

You should now be connected to BUsecure.

To set BUsecure as your preferred network (recommended):
Under the Airport icon on the Finder menu bar, select Open Network Preferences...
With AirPort highlighted at the left, click Advanced near the bottom.

Airport Network

Select BUsecure in the list of preferred networks and drag it to the top of the list. Click OK.

Select BUsecure