BUsecure: Bradley University's secure wireless network

A secure wireless network is one that uses encryption to secure communications. Sending sensitive information over the Internet from a secured wireless network provides added security to that information. No network security option is failsafe. Be sure to continue to follow basic precautions when using the secure wireless network.

Prior to attempting to connect to BUsecure, apply all software updates for your operating system or device.

Who Should Use BUsecure?

It is strongly recommended that all students, faculty and staff take advantage of the encryption security provided by Bradley’s secure wireless network. BUsecure requires logon (authentication) using the BUnetID and password of the person connecting to the wireless. The connection is fully encrypted.

To automatically install and configure BUsecure on the Windows operating system

Get the BUSecure Installer

Basic configuration information

SSID name: BUsecure
Authentication type: WPA2
Data encryption: AES
EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP) using the MSCHAPv2 authentication method
Login: BUnetID and password

To manually configure:

BUsecure for Windows 7 
BUsecure for Windows 8 & 10
BUsecure for Mac OS X
BUsecure for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)

BUguest offers wireless network access for campus guests who need basic web browsing or VPN access. Access expires after 12 hours requiring re-registration.