Information Resources and Technology Procedure

Section Policy Name Policy Number
Network Secure Remote Access From Off Campus 2.02.01

Procedure Purpose

This procedure documents Bradley University’s method of granting users access to network resources located on campus from any remote location, via VPN client software and a centralized concentrator.  

Policy Supported

Supports 2.02 Secure Transit

Procedure Description

Who has VPN access
Bradley University faculty and staff have access to the VPN. Students do not have access to the VPN.

How VPN access is obtained
VPN access is granted via the user’s AD login. In addition, the Bradley VPN can only be accessed by downloading and installing specially configured VPN client software from the Bradley University Technology Helpdesk website. Valid faculty or staff BUnetID credentials are required to download the VPN software from the Helpdesk, creating yet another layer of security for the VPN. Users who do not download the client software from the Bradley Helpdesk will not be able to access the Bradley VPN, even with the correct version of the software.  

Available Network Resources
Once connected to the VPN concentrator via their VPN client software, in most cases authorized VPN users will have access to the same network resources they have access to on campus. Certain departments’ servers cannot be accessed via the VPN. No additional access is available via the VPN that is not available to that same user while they are on campus. In some cases, the user may be asked to enter additional login credentials beyond the AD credentials entered into the VPN client software initially.  Examples of this would be access to department managed servers, access to manage some network equipment, and access to manage some network printers.

Procedure Scope

This procedure applies to Bradley University faculty and staff who want access to resources normally not available from off campus.


Network Resources


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