Information Resources and Technology Procedure

Section Policy Name Policy Number
Access Control Implementation of Password 6.01.02

Procedure Purpose

This procedure documents how we will implement the Password Complexity and Change Frequency Procedure (6.01.01).  The purpose of this implementation is to increase password security for Bradley’s faculty, staff and student BUnetIDs. 

Policy Supported

6.01 Password Policy

Procedure Description

The target date for implementation is March 1, 2007. 

Beginning January 2007 we will begin sending information to the Bradley community on a regular basis documenting the impending changes and the reasons for the action.

In February 2007 we will send email messages to all students faculty and staff who are in danger of losing access on March 1, 2007. The last two weeks of February, the messages will be sent daily.

Procedure Scope

This policy applies to all Bradley University computer and network users.

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