How to connect to the wired network

Basic Information

All computers on campus must be registered with Computing Services in order to have access to the Campus Network and the Internet. Registration insures that students remain accountable for their actions, as well as help inform students of the Computer Use Policy, policies with which they are responsible to comply. Faculty/staff computers are registered upon installation.

Some basic assumptions have been made about your computer system. It is assumed that you have a modern computer of standard design. Either a Windows PC or an Apple computer. It is assumed that you are running a standard Operating System, such as Microsoft Windows, or Mac OS X. It is also assumed that you have a web browser installed, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Nearly all modern computers have some sort of web browser as part of their system.

Computers running non-standard Operating Systems, such as Linux, Unix, or BeOs are not supported. This does not mean that they won’t work, but there is NO guarantee that these computers will operate on the campus computer network. You are solely responsible for configuring these systems. There is no information about them available from the Helpdesk. 

Getting Help

If you need assistance in configuring your computer, or have questions about how to register your computer on the network, please call the Technology Helpdesk at (309) 677-2964. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Ethernet Cards

In order to connect your computer to the campus network, you must have an Ethernet card (also called an Ethernet adapter) installed on your computer. Your Ethernet card must be properly installed and configured BEFORE any other steps are taken. You may install the card yourself, or call a professional to install it for you.

Ethernet Cables

In order for your computer to communicate on the network, it must be connected with a proper Ethernet cable. A phone cord will NOT work. You may purchase Ethernet cables wherever you purchased the Ethernet card.

Connect the Ethernet cable from the jack on your Ethernet card to the wall jack in your room. Most rooms have quad outlets (4 jacks). If you are in a room with a single computer, that computer should be connected to the upper right jack.  In rooms with 2 computers, one computer may be connected to the upper right jack, while the other computer may be connected to the lower right jack. The left side of the quad outlet is reserved for phone use.

Connecting to the Wired Network