Using Hubs on Dorm Networks

Important Information

Heitz, College Hall, Delta Tau Delta and Pi Kappa Phi

Wireless access points and wireless routers are NOT allowed in any dorm room or residential building on campus. Sharing your network connection via a wireless device is a violation of the computer use policy and may result in a loss of network privileges.

Hubs are supplied to residence halls where only one network connection exists in a double-occupancy room. These buildings include Heitz, College, Delta Tau Delta, and Pi Kappa Phi. This document will help you connect your hub properly and use two computers on a single connection.

Hubs will be distributed to the rooms in the residence halls listed above. Residents in Heitz Hall should leave their hub in the room. Other locations can return the hub to the Technology HelpDesk located in the Cullom-Davis Library. Your hub should include the following items:

  • Hub - this is a small box used to connect two computers
  • Power Supply - the hub requires power to operate
  • Ethernet Cable - a short cable connects the hub to the wall network jack (you will need to supply an Ethernet cable to hook your computer up to the hub)


Make sure that you register your computers BEFORE installing the hub in your room. You must register your computer individually by connecting directly to the network connection on the wall, and performing the registration procedure. After your computer is registered, both roommates will proceed with connecting to the hub.

Connecting the Hub:

Connecting with a Wired Jack


Be sure to locate the hub near the network connection, as well as near an AC power outlet. Connect the power cord to the hub and plug it into the AC wall receptacle. See that the green Power light is illuminated. Take the short Ethernet cable that came with the hub and connect it to the Daisy Chain jack on the hub. Connect the other end to the Network Jack on the wall. Be sure to remove any previous connections to that jack. See that the green Link light on number 5 illuminates. Do not connect anything to the jack marked 5. This jack may be blocked by an empty plug. You must not have the jacks marked 5 and Daisy Chain connected simultaneously.

Connect your computers Ethernet cables to any of the jacks marked 1 to 4. It doesn’t matter which jack, but you should see a green Link light on the hub at the connection when the computer is on. Do not use a Cross-Over cable. The Ethernet cable should be a standard straight-through Ethernet cable rated at Category 5. This is also called a Cat-5 Ethernet cable. See the document How to Connect Your Personal Computer to the Dorm Network for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Technology HelpDesk at (309) 677-2964.