How to protect Bradley University's data on Mobile Devices


Mobile devices are continually becoming more popular, more powerful and are replacing many functions that traditionally a computer is used for. With the increase in connectivity, data storage, mobility and flexibility, security for the mobile device and the data that it stores or accesses is becoming increasingly important. All of the features that make mobile devices more powerful and flexible also increase the risk of security issues due to malware, loss or theft. It is just as important to protect mobile devices from such incidents as it is a desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile Security

Security measures differ greatly from those taken on computers. Unlike computers, each mobile device has a different procedure on how to protect your data. Some are built in to the operating system and others you have to rely on third party applications. Almost all devices allow you to enable a passcode or PIN in order to gain access to the device. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are protecting the data on your mobile device, but one that the majority of people do not use.

Bradley University highly recommends that you start by setting up a passcode on all your mobile devices that are used to access or store any Bradley University data. We have made it easy for you to setup by following one of the links below.

How to set a passcode

How to lock a device or erase a device remotely

What to do if your mobile device is lost or stolen?

If you have lost or had your mobile device stolen, the first step is to call your phone. It might be near by. If that fails, then you should take preventative measures by changing all of your passwords for all of your personal accounts. This would include: email accounts, website passwords for banking or credit cards, social media sites and applications that are stored on the device.

Try to locate the device and remotely lock it if possible.

You should also contact the police and report it stolen.

Please contact the HelpDesk and let us know that the device was lost or stolen, so that we have a record of it and can assist you in any way possible.