Windows 8 and Wireless Connectivity on Campus

If you have a laptop or tablet that has Windows 8 as the Operating System, we have important information concerning wireless (wi-fi) connectivity.

Windows 8 Professional is the only version that will work on BUsecure

There are three different version of Windows 8:

Windows 8 Professional

  • Allows access to our secure wireless network, BUSecure
  • Exception: Some Atheros and the Ralink RT5390R wireless cards have been unable to access BUSecure. This is a limitation of the drivers currently available for the device.

Windows 8

  • Will not allow you to connect to our secure wireless, BUSecure. If you have a computer with Windows 8 and would like to upgrade, you can take advantage of Microsoft's special student upgrade offer HERE.
  • Note: If you choose not to upgrade, please take your computer to the HelpDesk to be registered on BUother. BUother has the same services as BUsecure, but is not a secured network. This is not recommended as a permanent solution. You may also connect to the wired campus network. If you need an Ethernet cable and do not have one, please contact the HelpDesk. We have cables of various lengths and you are welcome to come and get one to use at no charge.

Windows RT - Tablet

  • Allows access to our non-secure, guest wireless network BUguest.
  • Note: some systems running the Windows RT operating system will connect to BUSecure, some will not. More info will be posted here as it becomes available.

Wireless Card Issue

Intel-based wireless cards are generally able to connect with only minor issues on the different versions available. We have experienced issues with systems that have Atheros, Atheros Qualcomm and Ralink RT5390Rcards.

We recommend that you do not purchase a system with one of these wireless cards.

If you have questions about the upgrade process, or questions before purchasing a new Windows PC, call Campus Computer Sales - (309) 677-3044 for assistance.