Password Managers

Why use a password manager?

In a world where our identity, data and information are increasingly at risk from being stolen, creating strong passwords is a must. Unfortunately, most people choose easy to crack passwords and use those passwords on multiple web sites. Using password manager programs allows you to create more complex passwords that are stronger and also ease the worry about forgetting what password goes to what account. 

There are 2 types of password managers available, local and cloud based applications. Each have their strengths and weakness. 

Local Password Managers

Local password managers have the advantage of being more secure, but you always have to have it with you to be able to use it.

Some popular examples are:
Password Safe

Cloud-based Password Managers

Cloud-based password managers have the advantage of being able to be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection, but are generally less secure.

Some popular examples are:
Last Pass

Mobile Password Managers

Mobile password managers are considered less secure being that mobile devices are more likely to be stolen or lost.

We recommend the following mobile password manager apps: