Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dashboard?

Dashboard is the first page you see when you log into Canvas. This is a private and customizable workspace for the student. Here you can see upcoming assignments (if your instructor is using due dates) and set which courses show on your dashboard.

How do I manage which courses show on my Dashboard?

To choose which courses show on your dashboard, click on “Courses” on the far left; here, scroll down to All Courses. Any course that you “star” (aka, is shaded in) will show on your dashboard. Those courses that have an outlined star will be available via Courses > All Courses, but will not show on your dashboard.

How do I update my profile?

You can add additional information about yourself, including a profile picture, to your profile in Canvas. To do this, click in Account at the top left of Canvas; then, choose profile. The information you share here will be available to users you are enrolled in classes with.

If you want to change your timezone or preferred language, for example, you can do so in Account > Settings.

How do I set notifications in Canvas?

If you want to change notifications you receive, and how often, you can navigate to Account > Notifications. Here, you’ll be able to choose if you receive notifications, and if they’re immediate, a daily summary, or a weekly summary. Click on the icons under your email column to choose the best option for you.

Where can I store files in Canvas?

Students can store files in Canvas that they can then upload to their assignments. To add a file to your account, click on Account, then Files. At the top right, you’ll see an Upload button; click this to then browse for your file to add it to your account. To organize your files into folders, click “+ Folder” towards the top right. You can then move items into your folders, or upload directly to those folders.

Is there an app for Canvas?

Students can download the Canvas app to access items in their courses. There are directions on how to log into the app depending on if you have an Android or an iPhone.

Can students email other students in a site?

Yes, use the Inbox tool on the left-hand side of Canvas. This tool allows you to create and send emails to individual classmates.