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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Home page?

Home is the first page you see when you log into Sakai.  This is a private and customizable workspace for the student.  Here you have your own Resources tool to which you can upload files, similar to uploading files to Google Drive.  You can also use Home to set your email Preferences, create a Profile, maintain a personal Calendar, and do other things. 

How do I manage my course site buttons?

See pages 2-6 of Organizing Sites.

What should I do if I lose my Internet connection during an exam?

Be sure to only use wired Internet connections for online exams. If the test is organized to present one question per screen, Sakai saves your answers as you move from one question to the next, i.e., click the "Next" button to advance. When an Internet connection is lost, simply reconnect to Sakai as soon as possible and restart your online exam. Return to the prior unanswered question and proceed, if you still have time left on an exam timer.  Email your instructor, if necessary, and provide details about your problem (what happened, what you did and what the results were of your actions.) If the test is organized with all questions on a single page, you need to manually Save answers often.  Single-screen exams can have Internet drops or timeouts, and lose unsaved answers.  If you are working on an essay question, you may want to copy and paste your written response first into a separate text editor to create a backup (plain text) file and paste plain text into Sakai after composing it.

Why does pasting directly from MS Word into Sakai create garbled text?

Pasting text from Microsoft Word directly into the Sakai editor may result in garbled output, even if the text appears correct in the editor. Instead, you should use the Paste button in the Sakai editor toolbar and paste your text into the pop-up window by pressing the CTRL and V keys at the same time.  Certain MS-Word formatting will never paste correctly into Sakai, as Word formatting is unique to that program.  In order to avoid this problem, keep your documents simple in terms of formatting when pasting. You can always format text in the Sakai editor.

Sakai text editor

(Paste from Word button highlighted in green. Text formatting buttons highlighted in red.)

Why is my browser spellchecker not working?

Firefox and Chrome have built-in spellcheckers but they don’t work (entirely) in Sakai. Browser spellcheckers do underline (in red) incorrectly-spelled English words - assuming you have an English dictionary installed - but they don’t correct misspellings. You must use the Sakai editor spellchecker to do corrections underlined by your browser. Click the ABC checkmark button in the Sakai editor and then select the correct spelling from a list. See the highlighted example below.

What is the Tool Home button in Sakai?

Tools in the left-side menu (Overview, Announcements and Calendar above) have main pages and sub-pages. Use the Tool Home button (circled in green above) to return to a main tool page, when needed. If you’ve made changes, entered text or uploaded files in any sub-pages, be sure to save changes before leaving a sub-page. If you just want to start a procedure over and not save any changes, then click on Tool Home. For example, clicking on Forums Tool Home below will drop the Title entry and text entered into the editor and return you to the Forums main page.

Why can't I use my browser Back button while using Sakai?

Sakai has its own navigation logic and features and these are not supported by browser Back buttons. If you need to return to a previous Sakai page, you should use the Forums Tool Home or other Sakai Tool Home links to do so.

Can students email other students in a site?

Yes, use the Email tool in your course site. This tool allows you to create and sends emails to individual classmates or student groups.