Beginning-of-Semester Checklist


Logging In and Passwords

Sakai is found at In addition, there are links to the system on the Bradley web site A-Z list and on MyBU. Please log in with your BUnetID and Bradley network password. Every Sakai user has a page called Home. That page allows each person to store general work files (in the Resources tool) and to create a Profile, set system Preferences, etc.


Student Rosters

Course sites are created automatically once a student registers for a Bradley class. Primary and other Instructors are enrolled in course sites. Student rosters are updated 3 times daily with newly added or dropped students. Students dropped for non-payment (who subsequently pay tuition) will be added back into a course site in one day, at most. A course site is not visible to any student until the instructor clicks the publish button for the site.


Arranging Course Buttons in Site Navigation Rows

A site in which you are enrolled will appear either as its own site button on every Sakai page or by clicking the sites checkboard icon. To display course site buttons, or rearrange them, follow these instructions.


Copy Course Materials from a Prior Term Site

Prior term course materials can be imported into your current term site. First, compare your previous and current course sites and make sure that all tools you used previously are added to your current site. (If not, click Site Info >> Manage Tools >> check boxes next to tools to be added, and confirm your selections.) Then, in your current course site and Site Info:

  • Click the Import from Site button.
  • Click the link for I would like to merge my data.
  • Choose your previous course.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Check boxes next to content areas you want to copy.
  • Click the Finish button.

Sakai Gradebook

The Sakai gradebook calculates student grades only for included items and scores that have been entered. If students do not turn in work and you do not enter scores for them, Sakai ignores grades for those students and calculates course grades based on fewer tasks. Be sure to fill in zeros for all non-submitted task items.


Publish a Site

To make a course site available online to students, click on its site button or link, and then click the publish button at top of any site page.



One-on-one help sessions - during normal work hours or early evenings - can be scheduled by sending an email to

Online self-help