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End-of-Semester Checklist

Here are some end-of-term reminders to help faculty manage Sakai course sites and prepare for the next term.


How to Copy Course Materials from Prior to New Course Sites

  1. Compare your new and prior term sites and ensure that tools you used previously are present in your new site. (If not, go to a new site, click Site Info --> Manage Tools --> and check boxes next to tools you need to add.)
  2. Then, stay in Site Info of your new site.
  3. Click on this button: Import from Site.
  4. Click this link: I would like to merge my data.
  5. Select a specific previous term site.
  6. Check boxes next to relevant content areas from the prior site.
  7. Click the Finish button.

How to Manage the Gradebook

The Gradebook tool calculates accurate student Course Grades only when (1) all scores for all assigned student tasks have been entered and (2) all items are added into Course Grade calculations. If students do not submit work, and you do not enter zeros for un-submitted tasks, Course Grade calculations will be inaccurate. Each Gradebook column has a down arrow icon you can click that produces a popup box. From the popup box, choose “Set Score for Empty Cells” to apply an indicated default grade to all ungraded cells in the column. Read the prompts and use this function judiciously. Displaying the Course Grade to students is optional and you can control the display in the Settings page and the Grade Release Rules tab of the Gradebook.



One-on-one help sessions can be arranged by sending email to Early evening meetings are possible.