Technology Purchase Request Form

The Technology Purchase Request Form is an automated routing/purchasing instrument intended to accelerate the vetting and purchasing of technology related items at Bradley University. We are asking those wishing to purchase technology related items to follow the recommended steps below as this suggested workflow will further speed up the process.

  1. Before filling out the form, discuss your purchasing needs with your local/embedded IT Liaison or IT Business Partner. Many times an in house solution already exists. Other times IT may already have a recommended path/purchase that will lead to cost savings and accelerated delivery of the proper solution.
  2. If, after contacting your local/embedded IT expert, it is determined that you are still in need, click the “Start Technology Purchase Request Form” button above or go to
  3. After logging in select: IT, Technology Request Form, and hit “OK”
  1. Enter the BUnetID of your Academic Department Chair, Academic College Dean, and select wzakahi from the proper dropdown. Once completed select “Get Info”.
  2. Fill out the rest of the form including: Your intended use, funding source, item (s) to be purchased, a brief description/justification, and any links or supporting materials.
  3. Once you have followed the above steps and are satisfied with your form please select “Save and Close” and then "Route" in order to send your form.

How it Works

Technology purchase request form flowchart