Technology Purchase Request Form FAQs


What if someone says "No" along the approval path?

If a "No" is entered at any point along the approval path, the form will stop there. This is one reason we encourage all academic/business units to inform their Department Chairs/Deans prior to filling out a form. If you have worked with your IT liaison prior to filling out the form you will generally either have your item already (because IT had a solution at the ready) or already have a good sense that it will move smoothly through the ranks or be denied. If you have not already worked with your IT liaison someone will be in contact about your request and will work quickly to let you know whether or not that request will move forward. It is not the intention of IT to surprise Requesters with a "No" that ends the form's routing.

What if my form gets a "No" along the approval path and the Requester/Dept. Chair/Dean/Director does not agree?

If a Requester/Dept. Chair/Dean/Director does not agree with a decision made during the form's routing, a final decision can still be made by the Provost (Academic Unit) or the CIO (Business Unit). Again, it is not the intention of this form to surprise anyone with a "No" or cancellation of a form.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a form?

Please contact your IT liaison with any questions about your form. They can make further requests should more insight be needed.

How long does it take for an order to process?

This can vary depending on the speed at which individual approval levels take place, however, following the recommended steps above will result in the fastest resolution.

Do I still need to fill out a PO/Req form like I used to?