Tim Wheat

Tim Wheat

Director of Endpoint and Client Services

    Morgan Hall 110b
    (309) 677-3702


B.S. in Secondary Education from Bradley University


Tim is an instructional designer, teacher, novelist and musician who grew up in Central Illinois and graduated with a B.S. in Secondary Education from Bradley University. As an Instructional Designer at Bradley his focuses are in online course development as well as flipped/hybrid and face to face instruction, using technology to facilitate robust learning outcomes for both faculty/staff and students. Teaching with technology is of particular interest to him as advancements in virtual/augmented/mixed/extended reality begin to allow instructors to engage students in new and intriguing ways. The future is here and now, unless you’re in VR, then it might be in the past, on a different continent, or in the actual future… the exploration possibilities are limitless and exciting!


Tim is a Certified Professional Educator by the State of Illinois with highly qualified endorsements in Secondary Education (6-12), Civics/Political Science, Economics, Sociology, U.S. History, World History, and Social Studies. At his most recent teaching position he used his certifications as a Google Educator and Trainer to design and implement a new technology based 8th grade Social Studies Curriculum that focused on a student centered/inquiry based approach to learning. Prior to that he served as an aide/instructor to special needs students at the middle school level while also offering instruction in guitar and piano.


Professional Experience: Starting out in restaurant management and training in the late 90s Tim’s professional career has taken a fairly non-traditional route to where he is today. From restaurant manager, to staff trainer, to musician, to novelist, to special needs educator, to 8th grade social studies teacher, Google educator and trainer, and now instructional designer, his diverse professional experience lends itself well to serving the pedagogical and learning needs of Bradley faculty/staff and students.

Licensures and Certifications

  • Certified Professional Educator by the State of Illinois
  • Google Certified Educator: Level 2
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • QM Facilitator