Q1. How were employees selected for this?
This activity assessment is designed to better understand the distribution and type of administrative activities occurring on campus. Employees were selected based on job titles that may have administrative activity as part of their responsibilities. Over 300 employees have been selected to participate.

Q2. What if I am unable to attend the information session?
We understand that individuals may have conflicts with the scheduled information sessions on January 29th and 30th. The Huron team will provide open office hours for any individuals who may have questions or would like additional information regarding the Activity Assessment. The office hours will be held January 30th in BECC room 2131.

Q3. How long will it take to complete the activity assessment?
The Activity Assessment should take, on average, approximately 60 minutes to complete but could take longer depending on the complexity of the respondent’s job duties and functions. Preparing in advance by reviewing the materials provided on the microsite (worksheet and catalog) will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the online assessment.

Q4. How long will the assessment be open?
The Activity Assessment will be emailed by 5pm on January 29th to select employees and will be open until February 14th. Multiple reminders will be sent prior to the deadline.

Q5. What if I want to come back to the assessment or change my response later?
Your assessment link will remain open until February 14th; your assessment will not be finalized until you click “submit.” Therefore, you may save your responses and come back to the assessment by clicking your original link at any point until you either click “submit” or the set deadline is reached. However, we recommend you take the assessment in a single sitting. If you submitted your assessment and want to have it re-opened during the response period, simply email the project team at BradleyHuronProject@Bradley.edu and they can re-open your assessment.

Q6. What if I cannot remember everything I do throughout the year?
That’s ok – the assessment is trying to capture your activities throughout the year to the best of your ability. We recognize this is a challenge as certain activities often have different levels of importance throughout the year. We recommend that you spend time reflecting on your annual duties before you begin the assessment. Using prompts like a calendar can help jog your memory as to what you spend your time on during the year.

Q7. If I work more than 40 hours a week or have a cyclical work schedule, how should I respond to the activity assessment?
You will be asked to estimate your average hours worked per week as part of the assessment. You will then be able to provide a more detailed breakdown of functions and activities performed, either in percentage format or hours.

Q8. How do I account for time I spend managing others?
If you are a manager or supervisor, you should review the “General Administration, Management, and Support” or potentially the “Human Resources Management” functional areas and consider if any of those listed activities pertain to the work you do.

Q9. What if I do work for other departments? Should I allocate that time in the activity assessment as well?
Yes. You should allocate all time preformed as part of your employment with Bradley, regardless of which department it is performed. The Activity Assessment is an accounting of how you spend time on in-scope functions and activities. It does not consider what units, departments, or groups for which it is done.

Q10. Can I allocate less than 1% of time or less than 1 hour on average per week to an activity on the Activity Assessment?
Yes. You can allocate fractions of percentages or hours on the Activity Assessment. This will likely be the case when you describe activities that you only do for a short time over the course of a year. For example, you may only perform end of year close-out activities for a couple of weeks per year. Taken over the course of a year’s time, that may result in a fractional percentage amount when you estimate an average week.

Q11. What should I do if I just started in a new role?
Participants should estimate time spent on various activities in their current role, even if it is new. For individuals who are newer to their roles, we recommend that they refer to their position description and related onboarding materials, in addition to having conversations with their supervisors, to complete the assessment as best they can.

Q12. If I don’t see my job activities on the tool can I upload additional documents?
The Assessment tool does not allow for attachments. There is an opportunity to enter “Other” activities throughout the assessment, although it is intended only as a last resort. The details in the catalog are intended to help define the Activity to which employees map their time; they are not intended to be an exhaustive list of specific tasks/duties. Participants should do their best to map to the available activities.

Q13. Is the survey accessible to someone who has low vision and uses assistive technology to navigate the web?
Qualtrics and the content in the Activity Assessment meets the requirements of the University Website and Digital Content Accessibility Policy which mandates compliance with assistive devices such as screen readers.

Q14. I am having technical difficulties or accidentally submitted my assessment, who do I contact?
Please reach out to the Huron team BradleyHuronProject@Bradley.edu and detail what technical issues you are experiencing. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Q15. Why is the Activity Assessment mandatory?
Institutional leadership has made this assessment mandatory so that the Huron team can obtain a comprehensive view of activity within the organization. We are working to gain a holistic view of administrative activities within the institution.

Q16. Will the Activity Assessment be used as part of the annual performance review or for potential merit increases?
No. The Activity Assessment is not an evaluation of an individual’s performance or in any way associated with a classification or compensation review.

Q17. How will the Huron team use the information from the assessment?
This assessment is focused on better understanding distributed administrative operations through the organization which will be key to understanding our potential for increased operational effectiveness and to help guide discussions about alternative administrative models. The project team will aggregate the assessment responses and look for broad themes to further review. Individual results will not be made publicly available.

Q18. I am having technical difficulties or accidentally submitted the assessment too soon, who do I contact?
Please reach out to the project team at BradleyHuronProject@Bradley.edu and detail what technical issues you are experiencing. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.