Request for Parent Fund Proposals

Bradley University Parents Association Mission Statement

The Bradley University Parents Association is an organization composed of the parents of every student at Bradley University.  The Association is represented by a board of directors and is concerned with the advancement of knowledge about the university; effective communication between parents, administrators, and students; assisting in recruitment of new students; providing career services to Bradley students and graduates; and fundraising.

Parents / Student Orientation

Parents also need to be oriented to the Bradley community. We provide a concurrent program for this purpose. At Bradley, our philosophy is that the success of students is dependent on a triad relationship that exists between the university, parents, and students. Parents are invited to attend orientation with their student during one of the twelve summer sessions.  It is essential that ALL of us play a role in a student's college experience and personal development.

Parents Advancement Committee

Bradley Liaison Shelly Smith (309) 677-3091 or e-mail

The Advancement Committee provides advisement on the fundraising efforts for Bradley parents. The participation of Bradley University Parents in a number of important areas has become increasingly vital to the University’s growth and progress in recent years. For a brief history of projects supported by generous Bradley parents please go to our parent webpage.

The Parents Projects Fund is supported by gifts from Bradley parents. Fundraising strategies for the year usually include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Parent phone-a-thon

Contact Information

Shelly Smith, CFRE
Senior Director of the Bradley Fund
223 Sisson Hall
Peoria, IL 61625
(309) 677-3091