Conference Facilities

The Peoria NEXT Innovation Center has one large conference room on the first floor and a smaller one on the second. Both are available to rent for a full or half day — free of charge for tenants, at the rate below for non-tenants. You can also book the first-floor commons area for breaks at a 25% discount when using a conference room. Below is a summary of the rooms and their fees:

Room Description Fees
A114 1st Floor/Full Room Half Day: $150
Full Day: $225
A217 2nd Floor/Full Room Half Day: $75
Full Day: $125
Commons 1st Floor/Commons Half Day: $100
Full Day: $200

Conference, U-shape, square and theatre setups are available for the rooms; registration tables and podiums are on hand for the commons area. Please see the reservation form for further details on available equipment and its associated fee.

A114 Large Conference Room

Large Conference Room Layout


Large Conference Room Layout Photo 2

A217 Small Conference Room

Small Conference Room Layout

Commons Area

Commons Area Layout