Current Tenants

On August 30, 2007 the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center opened its doors and Central Illinois opened its arms to a new wave of high-tech companies look to make their mark on the world from right here in Peoria. Utilizing technologies that have been developed at Caterpillar, the USDA National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR), Bradley University, local medical facilities and elsewhere, these companies will set the course for technology commercialization in our region. Below is a brief profile on each of the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center tenants:

Engineering PeopleAdvanced Cad Cam Service

Advanced Cad Cam Service has been providing innovative solutions in design and engineering since its founding in 1991. Today ACCS employs more than 100 people in the Midwest that serve our customer's engineering and technology needs. The company's goal continues to be to provide high quality design, engineering, technology, and software solutions in a timely cost effective manner, through the use of cutting-edge technology, products, and a highly skilled workforce.


AgriScience, Agricultural Technology, has developed innovative soil enhancement and monitoring technology to prevent agricultural run-off, reduce fertilizer use and increase crop yields.  In the United States farmers apply approximately $16 billion worth of nitrogen, potash and phosphorous fertilizers each year.  These fertilizers are often applied inefficiently and much of it is washed away.  From corn acres alone, $420 million in fertilizer washed off into the Mississippi River and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico during 2013.   The ASI agricultural solution deploys soil sensors combined with soil enhancers.  The soil sensors report how much fertilizer to use and when to apply it. The innovative soil enhancers retain the fertilizer nutrients and prevent run off.   For more information, please contact Robert at


Attollo exists to enable the creation and growth of social businesses by removing financial obstacles that limit their success.  By partnering with motivated and passionate entrepreneurs in need of capital, Attollo helps to bring their business ideas to life and to scale.  Attollo is committed to helping the community prosper through the power of social business, however, their reach expands beyond local and national borders as they fund projects with global impact.   As an investment firm Attollo believes in making financial returns commensurate to the investment risk, which enables Attollo’s own sustainability long term impact and future ability to fund additional social businesses. For further information please visit .


BRDC was formed in 1988 by a group of Peoria businessmen who sought a way to bridge the gap between exciting discoveries made in government laboratories and a marketplace eager to receive those discoveries in a commercial form.  The businessmen’s goal was to marry government and academic research expertise with private industry’s solid marketing know-how.  BRDC’s president and CEO, Dr. J. Grant Brewen, explains that BRDC personnel do not conduct research but concentrate on discovering and funding technology that holds promise to make a significant impact on the international marketplace.  Although agricultural commodities are often in the spotlight at BRDC, the corporation’s creation was firmly rooted in the depressed industrial economy of the early 1980’s.

central-illinois-angels-logoCentral Illinois Angels:

Central Illinois Angels is an exclusive network of accredited investors who provide professional expertise and funding to early-stage opportunities in Central Illinois.  Central Illinois Angels are not only investing their money in start-ups, but they are contributing their time and expertise to help new businesses grow.  This exclusive group of investors help entrepreneurs through mentoring, the utilization of the angels’ networks, strategic advice and business development assistance.  For more information, please contact Kip McCoy at


Cintal is a global technology company developing and providing products and services to various industries like heavy equipment, industrial, defense, agriculture and medical. With its dedicated team of experienced technical professionals Cintal strives to add value for its customers by reducing product costs, shortening design and development lead times and enabling to bring quality products faster to market.  For further information, please contact Eric McMasters at

enok design logoEnok Design:

Enok Design, located to PNIC September 2017. Chandler Roth, Managing Partner, states “we design and build innovative and engaging products for digital advantage. Leading with human centered design we create unparalleled impact. We create digital products (software) by designing first with a human-centric mindset. We can then understand the real problem people face and create a software solution to solve that problem.” For more information please email Chandler at

hawk-energy-logo   attollo-logoHawk-Attollo, LLC:

Hawk-Attollo, LLC (H-A) In 2016 Hawk Energy Solutions and Attollo LLC created Hawk-Attollo LLC to develop solar energy strategies for customers in Illinois and particularly non-profit organizations that might not otherwise be able to deploy this sustainable energy option due to financial constraints and the inability to utilize federal and state incentives.  With various options available to customers from purchase of the complete system to utilizing a Power Purchase Agreement to purchase electricity from H-A at reduced rates with no capital outlay, system maintenance, or management, this team makes solar energy a reality for electricity users in our community.  Net metering agreements provide for excess energy credit generation.  For further information please visit our website.

iActive-logoiActive Naturals

iActive Naturals, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation. The firm produces patented lipid-phenol compounds. These are derived from naturally occurring plant oils and active phenolic-based materials utilizing a natural chemical free enzymatic process. The oil-based products are compounded to enhance durability, elevate performance and maintain efficacy of the active ingredients in existing beauty, skin and hair products.  iActive compounds are environmentally friendly oil-based products made from the soy plant along with other natural ingredients. Current customers include Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Sunology and Young Pharmaceuticals.  For more information, please contact Dr. John Goodell at

Intellihot LogoIntellihot:

Intellihot developed a state-of-the-art demand tankless water heater that uses conventional materials and advanced electronics.  This green water heater extracts nearly 98% of energy, provides unlimited hot water and occupies very little space.  Current tank water heaters in US homes run continuously and provide a limited amount of hot water. They are large, utilize less than 60% of gas energy burned and last only 7 years.  Intellihot’s ultra-low installation cost and 20-year life will revolutionize the water heater market and establish Intellihot as the market leader.  Intellihot occupies one office at Peoria Next Innovation Center and has a manufacturing plant in Galesburg, Illinois.

Reign ConstructionReign Construction:

Owned by Bridget Booker, Reign Construction Co. located to PNIC on March 1, 2018. Upon completion of the Highway Construction Careers Training Program at Illinois Central College, Bridget decided to become an ironworker. After completing the 3 year apprenticeship she became a journeyman ironworker and began Reign Construction Company. For more information contact Bridget Booker at


ViMedicus builds products that provide intuitive interfaces to medical information systems and greatly enhance the visibility of patient data and related clinical data. We employ the latest device technologies, work closely with healthcare providers and sponsor academic studies with nationally renowned researchers at top ranked universities to create collaborative solutions that demonstrably enhance clinical decision making.

Recent advances in healthcare infrastructure as well as regulatory imperative have presented an unparalleled opportunity to create solutions that enable clinicians to access, communicate and collaborate with usable clinical data.


VirtuSense Technologies is a medical device manufacturer. VirtuSense exists to improve outcomes by converting subjective sensory information into objective measurable data. VirtuSense makes motion tracking solutions and pressure sensitive wearable medical devices that help healthcare providers quantify what they see and feel in their delivery of care. VirtuSense product platforms address problems ranging from patient falls, surgical site infections and subjective rehab care. VirtuSense was spun-off from Bradley University in August 2012 to unleash innovative technologies developed through a four year, $2 million research grant from the U.S. Army.


zuChem is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel manufacturing methods for the production of glycochemicals. While the greatest long term need for such glycochemical compounds is by the pharmaceutical industry, the company is also exploiting the significant commercial opportunities for these compounds in the food ingredients and specialty chemical markets. zuChem’s mission is to be the premier supplier of unique glycochemicals (sugar-like molecules) to the pharmaceutical and food ingredients industries, using proprietary technology to produce glycochemicals that are either extremely difficult or too expensive to manufacture via traditional synthetic methods.