2004-2005 IATE Poetry Contest Winners

Here's a list of recipients of Special Merit awards, their schools, and their nominating teachers. Winning poems can be viewed by clicking the students' names.

  • Emma Grisanzio, "I Remember Hanukkah," Pleasant Hill Elementary, Ms. Carol Gallagher
  • Susannah Lauber, "Lost Glasses," Pleasant Hill Elementary, Ms. Carol Gallagher
  • Melanie Quall, "Sit," Lake Forest High School, Ms. Margaret J. Forst
  • Kristin Idaszak, "Coming of Age," Lyons Township High School, Mr. Glen Brown
  • Marki Lea Guzlas, "She Craves the Sun," Lake Forest High School, Ms. Carolyn Reinglass
  • Adrienne Cannella, "What the Train Says," Glenbard North High School, Dr. Donna Pucciani

While all of the winning poems show attention to matters of language, idea, and form, these few offer something more-a compelling blend of substance and surprise. For that reason, the poems listed below have earned my designation as Poems of Special Merit.

Congratulations to all of the winners. May your love of language not only enrich your lives but also enhance the culture whose art you create and sustain. 

- Kevin Stein, Illinois Poet Laureate