Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I have to replace my card each year?

No, the new QuickCard does not have to be replaced each year. As long as you are a valid student, faculty or staff member, your card will be active for all the privileges that are assigned to your card. The expiration date on the face of the new ID card only deactivates the Discover ® Money Network ™ portion of the card. If you do not use this side of the card, your access to events on campus, door access and access to QuickCash, and Meal Plan will still continue to work even if the expiration date has passed.

Q) When the new QuickCard is issued do I need to replace my current red ID?

No, We recommend you keep using your current ID and only get it replaced if it is lost or not working.

Q) Will the old ID card still work?

Yes! Both the current red QuickCard and the new QuickCard will work for door access, meal plan, QuickCash, etc. 

Q) What is QuickCash?

QuickCash is a prepaid debit account offered through Bradley University used for the purchase of goods and services at select locations on and off campus.

Q) How do I Open a QuickCash account?

All incoming students and faculty/staff will automatically receive a Quick Cash account. For students on a meal plan a deposit is made in the account as part of their board plan at the beginning of each semester. For students not on a meal plan and for faculty/staff a deposit must be made to the account prior to use.

Q) How do I make a deposit or check my balance in my QuickCash account?

Make deposits and check your balance online at My Account, in person at the Cashiers windows in Swords Hall M-F 9:00am - 4:00pm, or call the QuickCard office at (309) 677-3463. You can also make cash deposits at the value transfer stations behind the Bradley Bookstore and in the Library.

Q) Can my parents or guest make a deposit to my QuickCash account?

Yes, a parent or other guest may make a deposit to your QuickCash account by using the “Guest Deposit" on the home page. They will need to know your Bradley ID number and your last name.

Q) Can I withdraw cash from my QuickCash account?

No, QuickCash does not allow cash withdrawals. However, if you have an active Discover ® Money Network ™ account you can withdraw cash from any participating ATM.

Q) What do I do if I lost my QuickCard?

Deactivate your lost or stolen card online at, or by contacting the QuickCard Office at (309) 677-3463. The replacement fee for a lost card is $20.00.

Q) What happens to my QuickCash balance when I graduate, or leave the university?

If your balance is $15.00 or more, and all fees to the University are paid, your balance will be deposited to the Discover ® Money Network account.

Q) How do I make a withdrawal from my activated Money Network ™ account?

Make a withdrawal of up to $500.00 per day by using the participating AllPoint ® ATM's, or participating Heritage Bank ATMs. On campus look for the QuickCard ID picture on the ATM sign. To find a participating Allpoint ® ATM go to:

Q) How do I check my balance of my Discover ® Money Network ™ account?

You can check your balance using any of the participating AllPoint ® ATM's, call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283, or go online at You can also sign up for automatic daily or weekly balance updates.

Q) What do I do if I forgot my PIN?

Call Money Network ™ Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.

Q) How do I use the free Money Network ™ checks?

Money Network ™ checks can be used to pay bills, such as rent and utilities. You can also write a check to yourself and cash it for free at the Cashier's office in Swords Hall, and at participating WalMart Money Centers. Money Network ™ checks must be activated before they can be used. The checks include detailed instructions for activation. Please refer to your enrollment packet.