Photo Submission

Anyone who has been accepted and/or hired at Bradley may submit a photo to receive their Bradley ID Card.

New Students, Faculty and Staff

Why submit a photo?

  • You can select a photo of your choice, please see requirements.
  • We will review up to 3 photos, if they are all rejected you will need to get your photo taken at the QuickCard Office.
  • No waiting, pick up your card at the Controller’s Office (103 Swords Hall). New students may pick up their card at Orientation. You must have a valid government issued photo ID (Driver’s license, military ID, Passport, or  State issued photo ID)

Email your photo to please include your Student ID number in the body of the email.  If your photo is not accepted you will be notified by email.

Submit your photo at least 2 weeks before you plan to pick it up.

Students attending Orientation this summer

Photos will be accepted until 4pm the Thursday before Sunday check-in and until 4pm the Monday before Wednesday check-in.


Online Only Students

Online program students have additional requirements to meet the government Red Flag regulations. Please see information located at