Quick Card Office
Swords Hall 103
(309) 677-3463

Office Hours :
Monday - Friday
8:00a.m - 5:00p.m

About Your Card

Your Bradley University Quick Card is more than just a card; it’s your key to campus life. The Quick Card provides access to assigned buildings, access to your meal plan and Quick Cash, laundry and copy services.

Know your card

How does this card work? How do I know what accounts to use? How do I take care of it?

Campus Door Access

From accessing your dorm, the Markin Center, the Library, classrooms and labs…it’s all about your ID card.

Campus Printing Services

Did you know you can use your QuickCash account to make copies, & print at the printer stations on

Quick Cash

Use your QuickCash to purchase the things you need on and around campus…just swipe and go. There are no fees or minimum balance.

Laundry Services

Use this link to see if a washer or dryer is available right from your room! If you have any problems with the laundry machines report it here.