Judging Criteria

Hello Springboard Contestants!

Welcome to the competition and to the journey of your startup.

These judging criteria are representative of the business model canvas. The sheet is broken down by various categories as follows:

Service / product idea

Market / customer

Business team



The color-coded sections are weighted. The weighting was derived from having discussions with investors. The more weight, the more important; they want to know that the team can execute, that the product / service can be explained, and that the product / service is something customers want and will pay for.

The further you are in the startup process, the more points you will earn/score.

To assist with your understanding of the business model canvas, we are providing a link to a course on How to Build a Startup with Steve Blank through Udacity (https://www.udacity.com/course/ep245).  It is highly recommended that you do this. You can navigate through the course at your own pace.

To help you prepare for your presentation, under the new business model canvas format, we recommend that you watch the following videos at BMC:


Judges may consist of Bradley University faculty, staff, and alumni plus invited judges from the business community, including investors.  Decisions of the judges are final.

Written plans (executive summary) will be judged on any or all of, but not limited to, the following criteria.  All criteria, including the oral presentation, will contribute to the overall score of the plan.

Judging criteria