2017 Strategic Plan and Plan Summary


Bradley University empowers students for immediate and sustained success in their personal and professional endeavors by combining professional preparation, liberal arts and sciences, and co-curricular experiences. Alongside our dedication to students, we embrace the generation, application, and interpretation of knowledge.


Bradley University is the leader in student engagement.

Core Values

At the heart of Bradley University is a community built upon the valued relationships we find in each other as students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni. At the core of these relationships are the values of student success, knowledge and discovery, inclusiveness and connectivity, and excellence.

Student Success

We are a community that ensures student access to an individualized learning experience. This is characterized by broad opportunities for students to marry their passions and skills, by innovative academic programming, and by an exceptional level of engagement between students, staff and faculty, such that all students acquire the skills and dispositions essential to purposeful and productive living.

Knowledge and Discovery

We are a community that prioritizes academic excellence by nurturing critical inquiry, research, creativity and technical skills development. We work collaboratively to engage learners in high-impact practices, in scholarship, and in leadership development opportunities in order to foster lives of purpose and advance a better world.

Inclusiveness and Connectivity

We are a community that strives to contribute meaningfully to understanding and resolving the problems around us. By embracing servant leadership, purposeful civil discourse, and an inclusive identity whereby we understand that our differences are our strengths, we lend our passions and knowledge to build valued relationships with local, regional and global partners.


We are a dynamic community committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence. As individuals, as units and across campus, we welcome mutual accountability and are strengthened by our shared, collaborative efforts to ensure that we are each exceptional and passionate stewards of Bradley University.

Strategic Plan Goals


We will prepare all students for immediate and sustained success.

The strong sense of community and shared purpose of Bradley University has laid the foundation for personalized educational opportunities that prepare students for immediate and sustained success. We must also be vigilant in anticipating, responding to, and leading change in the structures, programs, and services that enable our students for success at Bradley and beyond, empowering them to live lives of purpose.


We will offer and nurture rigorous, innovative, competitive and engaging undergraduate and graduate academic programs.

While Bradley already has a strong portfolio of academic programs, we have an opportunity to build on areas of strength, to remove obstacles to innovative programs, and to deepen capacities for facilitating learning. This goal strengthens our identity by capitalizing and improving upon our fundamental student focus and our collaborative nature, as all of our programs rely upon a core curriculum that spans multiple colleges and receives support from multiple units.


We will build and support a more diverse and inclusive university community.

Supporting a more diverse and inclusive university community is not only a modern day imperative, it is fundamental to who we are as an institution. We see opportunities to foster, support, and sustain a more diverse and inclusive environment, in which we nurture empathy, dignity, appreciation, and shared learning for the differences and similarities that make us whole.


We will enhance the acquisition, alignment and allocation of resources with strategic goals using transparent and collaborative / participatory / consultative processes.

This distinctive goal to improve our operational excellence enables the successful execution of all other goals and objectives across campus. Bradley is at its best when collaboration and synergy guide our work, leveraging our intellectual and entrepreneurial assets to solve systemic problems, improve efficiency, and capitalize on opportunities for growth and innovation.